Send files upto 2GB over internet

On the internet is it very difficult task to send large files since uploading can be tiresome as compared to downloading.

There are limited options on the internet for uploading large files for free. Although you can transfer files using any Internet Messenger but if you need to share the files with some other person also then do you need to send the file again.

No WeTransfer is solution to send large files

The size for sending files is collectively 2GB.

You can add multiple files (2GB max) like videos, audios, photo albums or documents and send them to 20 recipients at one time.


The service is based on HTTPS secure protocol

  • It’s Free
  • Send big files (2GB)
  • No registration
  • Files available for two weeks
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    1. Une solution pour les pros (en mode SAAS).

      Interface de gestion des échanges, taille d’envoi illimitée, personnalisation possible de l’interface et des messages, dropbox, accessible via ftp & ftps, etc .

      Attention solution payante ! Test de 14 jours disponible ici:

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