SafeDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor

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safedriver wireless vehicle monitor

The craze of fast driving is on the rise and I want to blame Need for Speed for that. Just kidding, but the fact is that teens could really want the speed of their actual car to match the speed of the car in the games and if you are a parent, this probably would add up to your worries.

Especially, now a days, parents would like to monitor their children in a lot of dimensions like checking what they are doing on internet etc but when it comes to the driving, how would they know if their child drove the car fast? Here ‘SafeDriver’ comes in who have rolled out a Wireless Vehicle Monitor which can be used to record the maximum speed, total number of miles covered and even the log for abrupt braking. I guess that’s enough information for someone to know how his car was dealt with.

It is easy to install and luckily it has a tamper-proof PIN, so just set it up before your kid goes out for the drive and sit back, gather the results after the car comes back home. This gadget can be bought for $69.99.



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  • I see it comes with a ‘black box’ so the results can still be had from the smoking ruins. 😉

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