Re-enable Hibernation in Windows Vista

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If you have run disk cleanup to remove the hibernation file cleaner you will not be able to hibernate your system again. To re-enable hibernation proceed as follows

1. Click Start Orb followed by All Programs and then Accessories
2. on the Accessories menu Right Click on the Command Prompt
3. from the drop down menu, Click on the Run as Administrator option
4. The Command Prompt window will now open
5. At the command prompt type: powercfg -H on

Note: The above solution will not work if you have not enough space available on C drive for hibernation file to be created. The space required for hibernation file is same as the amount of your RAM, e.g If you have 1.5 GB of RAM then 1.5 GB is required by hibernation file

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  • Very informative on how to enable hibernation. Important part was about logging in as administrator which other websites missed. That was a nice learning too. Keep it up!

  • Thank you for the information, it was quick and easy.

  • Thanks for the tip, worked first time for me…

  • Hi,
    I tried it twice (with reboot), I have 2gb Ram and about 100 GB free on both partitions of my hd but the hibernate command does not appear any more.
    I open the command prommt as admin and powercfg /a tells me that my system can support hibernate (actually it worked perfectly before I made a full disk cleanup to recover some wasted space). But if I try to turn it on again nothing happens
    any idea?

  • now i am very happy, you have solved a great problem i will be highly oblige to you. i was trobling and facing this problem since 4 days and finaly i made up my mind to fully format my pc but at eleventh hour i got this ultimate software , what mind blowing thing hat ‘s off

  • thanks alot i am very happy now:)

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