Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

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You have offen seen this message now here is the solution

Usb Safely Remove

The program removes your drive even if some file is opened within the drive by displaying you an option to close the running file.

The program has also some more features you can:


  • Hiding drives of empty card reader slots!
  • Ability to eject card reader memory cards
  • Drive letter management
  • Prohibit assigning specified letters to hot-plug drives
  • Supports any kind of hot-plug device, including PCMCIA
  • Snappy scanning of locking processes
  • Stopping via “disabling”
  • Multimonitor support
  • Vista UAC as well as Windows 64 bit support
  • “Return device back!” feature

    Some more Shots

    USB Safely Remove (2.8 MiB, 7,100 hits)

    Version: 4.0 final
    Size: 2.8 MB
    OS: Win 2000 – Vista, 32/64 bit

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    • Abdullah, actually I have already written about this topic before. But this seems to be a nice software too.

    • I had this message “problem ejecting USB mass storage device” also, even though there were apparently no programs using the external drive.

      The solution was go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555665, download a utility ProcessExplorer from the link given there, and follow the instructions

      The problem turned out to be that Google Desktop was indexing my external drive – I have now told it not to.

    • This is amazing. you can remove the hardware by one single click. it is probably the best USB safe remover.
      just right click on the USB drive and choose “eject”. it will ask you to save your data and then you can click on “continue” to eject the USB.

    • Thanks a gazillion, this problem was driving nuts in Windows (Crap) Vista, I spent about 3 hours searching for something like this, and finally I found it. Again thanks a million.

    • Adware chock full – o – spamware! ebay ads, shady adware/spamware, and the Bing searchbar – and it delays installation if you don’t agree to install bing search bar no wonder Micro$oft has it recommended on their usb won’t disconnect tech pages.

      Stay away from Unlocker

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