Password Protect Executables For Free: DiscoLock 1.0

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A quite small utility that lets you to password protect our applications securely, it requires a password when the main executable is double clicked to run. DiscoLock can help you in the way to prevent unknown users from using your applications usually which access the internet. DiscoLock provides security at just one click to these software: Firefox, Chrome, IE(Internet Explorer), Skype, IDM-Internet Download Manager, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Media Player, Yahoo Messenger and all other applications. This way, no one can use the application’s "main EXE".


Before downloading and installing, you should note that DiscoLock is currently fully supported to Windows XP. But if you want to run this handy utility on windows 7 you must have to run installer and main program with administrative rights.


On first run it asks username and password, you should click OK to ignore. In the main control panel you can create a login name and password to use it.


Click on Chang/Create Password; Fill in username and password in the two cells New Username and New Password and then press the button Submit.


In addition to the application there is an option available through which you can also select individual applications are not included in this list to protect, such as WinWord, GOM Player, Photoshop (etc) whatever the execution application it can be locked. Remember, you must have to select the executable application with the extension. "EXE" By clicking on the button protect Any Application, Then click Browse application for approval to be protected, the final button Protect to lock it.


When a password protected application is executed it will show dialog asking you for a password to be used, 15 seconds without a password or an invalid try will automatically go off the dialogue. And if someone want to use the protected application only the owner with appropriate password can use.

Operating System= Windows XP

Size = 1.58Mb

Download = DiscoLock 1.0

Salman, the author of this article, is an electrical engineer and also runs a technology blog

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