If you want to see which users are connected to your linux box, the “who” command can let you do the magic. The output will be like below: [root@localhost ~]# who root     :0           2007-03-12 04:17 dan     pts/1        2007-03-16 07:07 ( So here two users named root and dan are connected to my linux box.…

I was thinking of reinstalling my mail server machine. So I thought of backing up my Zimbra server .. and the backup was a mess .. the only thing I could save was the store folder. So I installed new fedora core and then setup a Zimbra server. Then followed the following steps to restore… (4 comments)

I recently installed Zimbra in my office. Zimbra is actually a mail server that includes many other utilities like calender etc. The benefit of using Zimbra is that you don’t have to install whole bunch of tools separately like the mta, mda, the front end pages etc. So you only have to install Zimbra and… (1 comment)

Using Fedora Core 5, install the operating system with its default configuration i.e., default partition layout.   Assign a live IP to the system along with the local IP.     Hostname should be fully qualified i.e., mail.example.com.     Make sure your FQDN is before your hostname in /etc/hosts e.g, example.com… (2 comments)