Online Streaming through VLC media player

VLC  media player is very basic and light weight media player which almost plays any type media file , it comes both in installable and portable edition and runs on may Operating Systems as well.

In this article I am going to tell you the way how to use VLC payer to Stream any type of Media file from one device to all the other devices attached to the network and this article also explain you to control the streaming through web interface in this way video can be streamed through office computer to laptop plugged in with living room TV and control the list with your hand held device or personal data administrator.

The first thing is to install the  VLC player Or place copy of portable VLC player on the machine through which you want to stream the video its either Linux or window interface is same in both OS

Once you have placed the portable VLC player or installed on the PC from which you want to stream, start it

Click “File > Open File” to bring up the “Open” dialog box

Click on the “Browse” button to bring up a standard Windows file selection box. Select the file you want to play. Then click “Open”. you can select single file or multiple files but we are selecting multiple files so VLC will build a playlist

Your selection should appear in the text box next to the Browse button. Click the “checkbox for Stream Output” and then click the button “Settings.”

Check the box next to “Play Locally” under “Output Methods.”  which is not necessary to play the file on the server, but we will use this option to  confirm that our video is playing properly before trying to access the stream from another computer.

Check the box marked “UDP” and type in the IP address of the computer you want to stream the file to. Then click “OK”. The file is ready to play so click “OK” in the “Open” dialog box too.

The video or audio file should begin playing on the computer. before switching to your second computer is to turn on VLC’s web interface by clicking “Settings > Add Interface > Web Interface”.

Open VLC on your second machine.

Click on “File > Open Network Stream”. UDP is already selected so you just need to click the “OK” button and VLC will start playing your stream

Now that the stream is successfully playing on your computer you can open up a web browser to control VLC remotely. Type “http://<IP_of_your_server>:8080/” into the address bar. The web browser will present you with all of the controls you need to manage playlists and playback remotely

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