Offisync (Microsoft Office + Google Docs)

With Offisync you can share,collaborate Microsoft Office files securely from any computer any time.


You can open,save files to Google Docs. Previously this feature for opening and saving file to Microsoft Office Live was brought by the Office Live Addon

The Developer page has listed these features on their site

  • Save MS Office files in Google Docs and Google Sites
  • Save and Open files just like accessing files locally
  • Securely open MS Office files from any computer or device
  • Access MS Office files from anywhere at anytime
  • Manage multiple versions with automatic change updates and real-time editing
  • Share and set permissions using email addresses or Google Apps Contacts
  • Set permissions for viewing and editing
  • Group documents in folders, sites, and libraries
  • Use Google Search from within MS Office to find content and images

After installing the 7Mb addon, you will have a similar toolbar in MS Office.


The File Open Dialogue


Before you install Offisync, please read the following Instructions:

System Requirement

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.
  • Microsoft’s .net framework version 3.5
  • Office 2003 or Office 2007
  • Google Docs or Google Apps account

If you do not have one then create it

Create Google Docs account here
Create Google Apps account with your own domain here

The program is available as free download and premium download you can access both

[download id=”270″]


8 thoughts on “Offisync (Microsoft Office + Google Docs)”

  1. Im battling to install this offisync on one of our VM’s could anybody assist me, I get it so it looks like its installing then it just disappears.

  2. I inadvertentally installed OffiSync on my system that is running Microsoft Office XP 2002 and I am having great problems uninstalling it completely. I’ve uninstalled the application, but the (empty) toolbar notification keeps popping up in my toolbar pull-down selection in Microsoft Word. I can delete it through the “customize” function but it comes right back. When I click on it a empty toolbar comes up in my browser. Also, it is causing a conflict with my Blackberry Desktop Software Can you please help me to completely remove this software and toolbar?

  3. I’ve went through that process first, however, I noticed that OffiSync is still included as an option in the pull-down menu for view – toolbars in word and office. I want to get rid of this toolbar completely and all references to it. I’m familiar working within the registry, can it be done through the registry?

    • @Allen
      Thanks a lot for the followup here. It’s a good sign that you stand behind your product which most people don’t do.

  4. Allen,
    I am running Windows XP Pro fully patched, and Office XP Pro 2002 fully patched. That’s where the mistake came in, I didn’t read that this program was compatible with 2003, not 2002.

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