New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool

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Virus Infections

This virus affects your system by

Disabling Task Manager

Disabling Registry Editor

Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and

Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders.

Disables Folder Options

Uses your 50% or more processor

You can see that the folders in Shared Documents have an exe extension If you have unchecked Hide extensions for known file types in Folder Options


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Smart Virus Remover (unknown, 913,932 hits)

Comments (292)

  • Thnx …folder option has also been retreived by this…

  • Hi…

    If u can help me in removing “Mywebsearch” viruses also, I wud be very thankful to u…….
    By using newfolder removal tool i have resolve my virus(.exe) problem to certain extent…so Pls suggest for this problem ….as well..

    thnx in advance

  • Thanks a Lot.

  • hi’
    thks for ur mail;

  • Thankyou very much to send this post. My Task Manager and Registery Editor is not enable. but when i use this tool it can enable it. so i easily solve my problem. Thanks once again

  • task mangr wrks but .exe folder still in my network what about that
    its happening all of my 50 machine

  • i still cant see the folder options on my laptop…i downloaded the smart virus remover but nothing happen…it also cant clean the usb that has meeeee..thanks

  • Hey ! I’m troublem from a new virus in my Computer This is a New Folder.exe created automaticly in every folder of my PC’s will you plz help me to solve it any way…..!

  • not able to download tools like ravmon,newfolder.exe,funny scandal,removals
    i am using nod32 anti virus ,is this better for all virus removals for usb also,what about mcafee anti virus?
    plz tell me

  • Thanks a lot guys!!!!! Theres nothin that i didnt do to remove the virus but nothin helped until i stumbled upon ur solution & it worked wonders….Thanks so much! jus one problem, i still cant view my hidden files, wat shud i do?

  • HI sir this software is very slow it’s not clear the virus ok i am sorry……….

  • its not installing dear
    kindly me how install it.

  • when iam opening my drivers it was’nt opening ,when click on explore then it was opening how can i solve my problem

  • Thanks a lot for this solution

  • very thanks full to providing this tool

  • I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website.s

  • Thanx a lot….

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    So, Everybody please make a tryout it and feel the peak safety at anytime.

  • Hey ! I’m troublem from a new virus in my Computer This is a New Folder.exe created automaticly in every folder of my PC’s will you plz help me to solve it any way…..!

  • Hi,

    My PC has “New Folder.exe" virus. i downloaded “NewFolder Sohanad virus removal tool" and installed it, But nothing is working.

    Help me.

  • Hi i have problem with my pc a virus extension is .exe it is creating a folder with same name of that foolder with .exe extension what should i do please give me a solution for this problem

  • I am using symantec antivirus. But still there are some new virus which effect my system I tried to update this antivir but cont how to update it for latest virus.


  • Hi Guys

    for newfolder.exe virus plez try avast antivirus not only for this its really working super.

  • Hello,

    I like to thank for this. Because this is a very helpful software to make PC faster and get reliese from autorun problem and folder.exe problem.

    Thanking you,

    Ahashanul Karim (Jewel)

  • hey all,
    this might be a stupid question (i´m a noob), but if i apply this tool to my infected pen drive: will it actually delete all the files & folders on my drive or will it just kill the virus???

    i´m asking because the files on my flash drive are very important to me…

    thanx in advance,

    • thomas, this will only look for the virus files and will delete only those files. Other files in your pen drive will remain as they are.

  • thanq for providing this sol, iwould be very glad for the developer
    when my system effected by that virus i just confused, i couldn’t gain access to task manager,folder options ,registory editor ,but ur tool remove my system burdens,and make my system as virus free.keep provide these kind of solutions.once again thanq

  • how can i remove new folder.exe

  • Excellent.Thanks for your smart virus remover tool.It can be returns my folder options menu in my windows.
    And also i have one problem with this folder virus problem.
    no updates are take effect at the time installing updates on windows xp service pack3.If you have any solutions about this send the way.

  • Hey Thanks Man It Helps For Me Too 😀 Thanks Man U Rock 😀

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