New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool

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Virus Infections

This virus affects your system by

Disabling Task Manager

Disabling Registry Editor

Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and

Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders.

Disables Folder Options

Uses your 50% or more processor

You can see that the folders in Shared Documents have an exe extension If you have unchecked Hide extensions for known file types in Folder Options


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Smart Virus Remover (unknown, 913,943 hits)

Comments (292)

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you for providing this tool

  • I fall into problems, that, i can remove the virus name may be sohanad. When I restart the computer I got a msge SSVICHOST.EXE Missing. When I pres ok then it will be Ok.
    How Can I solve this Problems?

  • I done as mentioned but still ” the run button is not fixed. please lead thorugh.

  • u are a GENIuS!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent Work

  • Bahar Follow the instructions on How to manually remove viruses. Download the pack and you do not need to run procexp but run autoruns and in the Logon Tab uncheck SSVICHOST.EXE entry and you are done.

  • Its not working !!!

    Still PC’s infected…

    Pls. give some other solution to eradicate it.

  • Qazi, I have checked this tool fully on my PC and it worked for me, May be you have got some another Virus

  • Hi,

    My PC has “New Folder.exe” virus. i downloaded “NewFolder Sohanad virus removal tool” and installed it, But nothing is working.

    Help me.


  • Hello to all,

    I had the same problem. i tried F-PROT antivirus for DOS. Everything is ok now for me.

    you also try, its a nice one.

    With regards,

  • it works thank u so much

  • dear sir it works only until system reboots. after that same my system i got



    scvvhostr.exe thes virus pls give us a proper solution

  • My recommendation… use AOL’s ActiveVirusShield as you anti-virus, and Ad-Aware. AVS is based on Kaspersky and is FREE. You can download it from

    Turn off Auto-play on all ur drives, cause that’s how this virus spreads. Every time you plug in a USB or CD/DVD, scan it. Trust no one.

    To clean, run AVS… scan Critical Areas, it will prevent Sohand from protecting/regenerating itself. Run Ad-Aware to remove the Registry Entries. This will prevent it from starting as Windows boots up.

    Then re-start and safely delete the SSVICHOSST from either system32 or windows folders.

  • thank u a lot i have done a great effort to remove this virus and i even formated my pc and downloaded windows again but af first it was removed then after an hour the virus was found again but i have a small question how can i remove this virus from a flash disk i will be so grateful it u found a way to help me and again thnx a lot

  • Thank you Genious I am glad to tell you that I am very Happy bcoz it saved my lot of formatting of Computer.

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool

  • Thanks Chief.
    U know I have the updated & Registered Symantec corporate edition Antivirus & have scanned my computer more then 3 to 4 times ( full scan ) but have not found this virus but the tool provided by you helped me get ride of this bloody virus. I was really tired of this virus, specially working with Removal Disks, even I was not able for format a Flash disk or go to Task Manager etc, & system was also very slow, altough I have an IBM Thinkpad Centrino Duo Laptop with 1700 Processor.. I was thinking to backup my data & reformat everything but was not pretty sure whether the data i backup will be clean of this virus, since SAV was not able to locate it.

    You saved lots of my time & Energy, Keep the good work up.
    With regards.
    Abasin Azad

  • hi to all
    its tool work but after restart new folder virus create and systtem is slow plz tell me any anti virus which block new folder virus i am waiting my answer

  • Dear sir/madam

    I have more viurs of the computer “folder.exe or new folder.exe” virus pleae u advice the how to remove it virus?


  • I am very glad to thank you providing this tool. My pendrive has still infected this folder how to remove it? do u have any suggestion? pls suggest me

  • I was really in avery big trouble with that virus. Many many thanks for providing that tool.Pls. suggest us How can we Guard for further infection from that virus?

  • I have an all-around tool that cleans it:
    cwean antimalware package

  • Thnx for appreciation ! I can make this tool better if you ppl send me feedback @ . The enhancements will be like the tool will be able to detect & remove the all virus of this family.

  • P.S Plz, You hate SPAM & So do I. Give your feedback with a subject “SohanadKiller”. that’s it !

  • Sir,
    I am using Winxp prof. and i downloaded and installed the tools provided by you.i have been attacked with new folder.exe and as i have gone through ur site..u instructed to use RUN ! but in my system if i type anything on my RUN command opens in NOTEPAD!! what to do?? in my another system with winXP..the RUN command is missing! i dont know what to do now! please help me.

  • ^ @ abee, Can u plz elaborate the problem dear, & try to send me a mail regarding this with various screenshots of your computer showing infections & actions of Virus. & Yes, I didnt instructed to use RUN or whatever you are saying, I just instructed to press the “Start Removal” Button. It’s gud to get feedback from u ppl, only then I can make my software much more good to help you all ppl out there. Anyhow, I’ll be waiting for the mail & just give the subject name as “Sohanad Killer”. & one more thing, Make Sure, before sending me mail, that you are using the latest version of my software.

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool
    Thankyou So Much

  • Excellent,Friend It works fine with my OS and save effort for Reinstall All Things

  • You are a genius man… it really works .. thank you for saving my computer ..

  • Thnx 4 such an overwhelming response friends !

  • I m happy that my software is helpful to all of you !


  • Thanks alot for this antivirus

    I’m very very happy


  • solution of new folder virus and defination of symentec

  • Thanks a lot. You are so helpful. May God always bless you with happiness

  • Same problem with my friend .thanx now becoz after running we are also very happy

  • i want the new folder.exe removal who can send me to my mail.My Computer is attacking by it in highest level condition! I need help!!

  • to the nhatquanglan variety of new folder.exe, one way that this virus persist is due to the modification to your autorun.inf located the root of your harddrives and shared folders.

    after cleaning the virus with the tools provided by this site download rrt from and remove restriction to hidden files. you can see the virus again SCVhost and autorun.inf. delete then modify the autorun.inf

    your previous autorun.inf must have this entry:

    Shellexe cute=SSCVIIHOST.exe




  • I mean the autorun contain this command:

    Shellexe cute=scvhosts.exe



  • thanks guys for the solutions that you gave…..although im doubting the softwares but anyways thanks a lot it gave me a relief because i was opting to reformat my computer……and for anyone out there who cant edit there registry try downloading Tune-up utilities… can edit your registry there even if your registry and taskmanager was disabled…i dont know the site but try searching it in……
    thanks a lot in advance….

  • Hi
    It was actually unbelievable that this worked in such a simple way. I was wondering if the program had not recognised the virus. thank you for this product. I was ready to manually remove the virus, but just wanted to give this a try. Thanks once again.


  • i want a patch of folder.exe virus remover

  • this is good site about give the knowledge about the virus

  • i cant seem to download the remover. pls help

  • Hi
    Thanks 4 ur help

  • Hi
    Thanks……… 4 Ur help

  • all virus solution
    instal the anti virus software Nod32 and update then scan & clean all virus delete ok

  • thanks for this advice.

    but i m still having one of the process running.

  • Great work

    Got rid of the amvo.exe virus.

    Good to know that there are lots of software and other professional brains in Pakistan and India who are the WORLD’S BEST. If only we could work together, we are the world beaters.

    Warm regards and best wishes again,

    Keep it up

  • thanks billion…

    it worked

  • how to remove the new folderexe virus

  • hi…
    i have extablished that (folder.exe) is a virus ‘BUT HOW DO I REMOVE IT’, I NEED HELP ASAP

  • please sent the antivirus

  • I tryied smart_av.exe but it did not detect the virus. I even scanned the specific folders which have the .exe extentions but it didn’t work.
    Anymore tools i can try?
    It helped me with just restoring the default windows folder options.

  • Author

    The problem is because it can not detect all of new folder variants. The support for removing other variants will be included by the time

  • Ok Thanks

  • mnhgmjmkhgjkhgjkhgjhjhgjhgjhgjhjhg

  • nothiing

  • I am not able to download

  • PLzz send me Its very urgent

  • New Folder.exe can’t remove this software

  • not able to download the removal tool 🙁

  • hi
    i use ur smar anti virus but it detect virus but it cannot remove

  • this is a vry good tool to remove danger virus.


  • Ghana, can you explain please what nonsense we gave you? It’s always good to get your feedback but you should tell us if we made a mistake and also advise us about the improvements.

  • thank x technize guys you pick out me from my big problem.

  • this site is best 4 solving problems of computer

  • I got htis virus on a usb flash drive also and it messed up my computer. I beleive that a pctools download, Spyware doctor got rid of it. However, not sure if it also messed up my CommandCom Authenticum virus program, can’t delete it or update it, and also my System Restore seems to work but refuses to restore to an earlier date. Any help on either subject welcome.

  • the newfolder.exe virous can’t be instal.when it instal recently it is disipiyer

  • my pc has infected newfolder.exe and its size is 602kb if any pls help me to remove that virus

  • aslam-o-alaykum
    how to remove it.plz tell me or send me the sofware

  • Everybody, thanks for such a good response and encouragement. Please stay in contact with us if you have any kind of problem or suggestion.(Use suggest or Request link on top)

    sanam and asim, please download the smart virus remover tool and remove the virus. If you have any difficulty, please let us know.

  • sir thank for helping through this site provideing free software to solve the problems i have the interenet cafe transtel world net in some systems so many times i have seen this new.folder.exe and i have deleted again it has been created autmatically ihave seen this site and i have download your software to rectiyfiy my problems and thanks for it and ihave onther problem sms exe killer the system is geting where slow i can not keep backup to my system can solution to my mail id sir my mail id is

  • Your antivirus didn’t delete new folder.exe If you want to analyze it. I’m happy to give it to you.

  • Author

    RedFox you are welcome to give me the file for analysis.

  • thanks so muuuuuuuch for this tool

  • thanks!!

  • Hi Pal! Thnx a lot for providing such very useful download. Best wishes, Nagaraj from INdia.

  • thk u very much. God Bless

  • This virus dwells on USB flash drives as well as your hard drive, and if you have one of those stuck in a USB port, it will jump back to your computer. In fact, you may not be able to remove it from the USB memory stick and may have to destroy it.

  • thx youuu

  • Good work

  • i want to get menu in like ” Make Txt Files” right click on *.java files
    after click on it i get *.txt file near *.java file
    u can give solution on

  • i want to get menu on Right click like ” Make Txt Files” on *.java file
    after click on it i get *.txt file near *.java file
    u can give solution on

  • Just wanted to say hellot

  • I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website.s

  • That is a good idea

  • Hey thanks for everything man!

  • i’ll try it bro…thanks

  • Hi our little brothers.i

  • pls help!!!!
    i am not able to remove all .exe files which are created by virus
    when i reboot it happens again..
    can anyone tell me stronger removel toll then the smart tool
    i want complete solution plssssssss

  • pls help!!!!me for this virus…
    i am not able to remove all .exe files which are created by virus
    when i reboot it happens again..
    can anyone tell me stronger removel tool then the smart tool
    i want complete solution plssssssss

  • Try SpyDoctor from PC Tools, that worked fine for me but you have to pay for it. I also had Ewido do a free scan and it maybe did some of the removal too. Let me warn you that this virus jumps onto USB flash drives, and stays there. Not sure you can get it off, but for sure, cheaper to throw out the drive than take a chance at having the virus around again and again. It will jump from the flash drive back to your computer. You might also have the virus on some other attached drive as well.

  • kaspersky can kill dat virus! absolutely…

  • thangs fo9r ur advice

  • thangs for ur advice

  • it works…thanks!

  • i m very happy and its working

  • thank u, this is low size and simple removal tool

  • New folder.exe completely removed on my system, thank u

  • everytime i log on my computer this appear (window system 32 tool and del folder .exe please help me remove it .

  • windows xp file no attect virus.exe

  • hey this works!!!
    nice job guyz…thank u soooooooooo much!!

  • Thanks for this are such a great help man! Hope you can help more people regarding viruses..thumbs up to you man!

  • just searching and i found ur site, i hope that work with my problem, thank & GBU



  • hi it works

  • thanks for helping me

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with SSCVIIHOST.exe (aka: WORM_SOHANAD.BO)

    I has created duplicate files for every file I have on my computer, which is hundreds.

    I has disabled my task manager and has slowed down my computers process.

    I have found a fix to enable Task Manager, however I cannot seem to remove this newfolder.exe virus problem.

    I have also run an online virus scan as well as other spyware and trojan programmes.

    In terms of results, it finds the SSVIIHOST.exe as a problem, however It cannot rectify it.

    Will this tool provided help me on anyway??

    Any response would be highly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance.


  • I Used your tool but steel virus problem not sloved. It shows all their files in task manger (blank.exe, hole.exe, Empty.jpg and other files) also disable antivirus. how can i remove from my PC, pen drive and sony cyber shot camera. I think mobile also affected by this virus. PLz help me. mail me solution on Is your tool work on WIndows XP

  • To Anonymous of Nov 5th. You are correct that the virus is on your pendrive, USB drive and probably Sony cyber camera. And it will jump from those devices back to your computer. Unless you have the type of virus protection that will scan and remove this virus from remote drives, you may have to destroy those drives.

  • Hi….Now I m able to use task manager again..
    Thnx a lot….
    However I m still not able to see folder option.

  • Thnx …folder option has also been retreived by this…

  • Hi…

    If u can help me in removing “Mywebsearch” viruses also, I wud be very thankful to u…….
    By using newfolder removal tool i have resolve my virus(.exe) problem to certain extent…so Pls suggest for this problem ….as well..

    thnx in advance

  • Thanks a Lot.

  • hi’
    thks for ur mail;

  • Thankyou very much to send this post. My Task Manager and Registery Editor is not enable. but when i use this tool it can enable it. so i easily solve my problem. Thanks once again

  • task mangr wrks but .exe folder still in my network what about that
    its happening all of my 50 machine

  • i still cant see the folder options on my laptop…i downloaded the smart virus remover but nothing happen…it also cant clean the usb that has meeeee..thanks

  • Hey ! I’m troublem from a new virus in my Computer This is a New Folder.exe created automaticly in every folder of my PC’s will you plz help me to solve it any way…..!

  • not able to download tools like ravmon,newfolder.exe,funny scandal,removals
    i am using nod32 anti virus ,is this better for all virus removals for usb also,what about mcafee anti virus?
    plz tell me

  • Thanks a lot guys!!!!! Theres nothin that i didnt do to remove the virus but nothin helped until i stumbled upon ur solution & it worked wonders….Thanks so much! jus one problem, i still cant view my hidden files, wat shud i do?

  • HI sir this software is very slow it’s not clear the virus ok i am sorry……….

  • its not installing dear
    kindly me how install it.

  • when iam opening my drivers it was’nt opening ,when click on explore then it was opening how can i solve my problem

  • Thanks a lot for this solution

  • very thanks full to providing this tool

  • I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website.s

  • Thanx a lot….

  • “Trend Micro Internet Security Is the Best Forever”

    So, Everybody please make a tryout it and feel the peak safety at anytime.

  • Hey ! I’m troublem from a new virus in my Computer This is a New Folder.exe created automaticly in every folder of my PC’s will you plz help me to solve it any way…..!

  • Hi,

    My PC has “New Folder.exe” virus. i downloaded “NewFolder Sohanad virus removal tool” and installed it, But nothing is working.

    Help me.

  • Hi i have problem with my pc a virus extension is .exe it is creating a folder with same name of that foolder with .exe extension what should i do please give me a solution for this problem

  • I am using symantec antivirus. But still there are some new virus which effect my system I tried to update this antivir but cont how to update it for latest virus.


  • Hi Guys

    for newfolder.exe virus plez try avast antivirus not only for this its really working super.

  • Hello,

    I like to thank for this. Because this is a very helpful software to make PC faster and get reliese from autorun problem and folder.exe problem.

    Thanking you,

    Ahashanul Karim (Jewel)

  • hey all,
    this might be a stupid question (i´m a noob), but if i apply this tool to my infected pen drive: will it actually delete all the files & folders on my drive or will it just kill the virus???

    i´m asking because the files on my flash drive are very important to me…

    thanx in advance,

    • thomas, this will only look for the virus files and will delete only those files. Other files in your pen drive will remain as they are.

  • thanq for providing this sol, iwould be very glad for the developer
    when my system effected by that virus i just confused, i couldn’t gain access to task manager,folder options ,registory editor ,but ur tool remove my system burdens,and make my system as virus free.keep provide these kind of solutions.once again thanq

  • how can i remove new folder.exe

  • Excellent.Thanks for your smart virus remover tool.It can be returns my folder options menu in my windows.
    And also i have one problem with this folder virus problem.
    no updates are take effect at the time installing updates on windows xp service pack3.If you have any solutions about this send the way.

  • Hey Thanks Man It Helps For Me Too 😀 Thanks Man U Rock 😀

  • how can i remove new folder.exe

  • I am facing a problem to install Smart Virus Remover

    Getting an Error. Line-1. Incorrect Number of Parameters in Function Call.

  • I am facing a problem to install Smart Virus Remover

    Getting an Error. Line-1. Incorrect Number of Parameters in Function Call.

    If you know the solutin let me know –

    Thanks to all-


  • Thank you guys…the tool worked 🙂

  • Great Newfloder.exe remover

  • You have done a good job.Still that Newfolder.exe was not removed from my can post to my mail pls..

  • Dear sIr.

    i couldnot downlad any files regarding smart virus, it shows me and error that “File does not exist” kindly arrange this file again so we can use it……


    Mani Scorpion

  • thank’s

  • Gracias por dato es bastamte bueno aunque no logro eliminar todas las replicas de carpetas pero si restauro el sistema que es lo mas importante de verdad gracias.

  • corrijo mi comentario es el mejor para eliminar ese virus. y agradesco de nuevo.

  • You have done a good job.Still that Newfolder.exe was not removed from my can post to new one and inform me on mail pls.

  • Screw everything. Folder options Show hidden files and folders ,delete copies of the folders that are infected then delete the originals and continue as you have so far. Copy, paste and all that.

  • Hi
    I am trying this tool but not remove any virus folder.exe

  • Hi
    all plese halp. me

  • Hi all !

    The two tools 1) Combofix 2) SDFix ; really worked for me.

  • Hi Ather

    this tool really remove new folder.exe and i want this tool please link send


  • a load of thanks. it helps a lot.

  • update : 14-April-2009

    Its work..Thank you
    Keep it ur good Work


  • My dvd drive dvd is reding but cd disk not reding

  • Thanks man..

    This tool automated everything..

    Otherwise i had to do everything manually which wastes too much time..

  • hey there, why does the task manager its flashy appear and just gone

  • Hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool

  • sir My name is navin from Kota(Rajasthan, India) when i open any drive of my computer then one folder display called “CHANDU PANKAJ” . it’s not delete by any anti virus and it’s not remove after System formating. and it’s Display only When i open any drive not other place.plz sir help me n send me solution…as soon as possible.


  • it is very effective.planning to do osri however ,smart virus took all viruses out from my system.

  • very noice

  • Mhm, Thanks.. I guess mine is fine now.

  • hi hi hi

  • thanks bro how can i find dl link

  • thanx ….may allah blessd you

  • i get a message saying “Program too big to fit in memory”

    why is this?

  • dsfadsfasdfsd

  • I am having problem with my machine , Which is infected “wscript.exe in partion of C:\system32\wscript.exe pls……… reply me

  • I am having problem with my machine , Which is infected “wscript.exe in partion of C:\system32\wscript.exe pls……… hlp reply me

  • hey does new folder virus also create a file name same as of the our real files such as if we got a folder named asf then it will create asf.exe files.

  • thank you. removal too program

  • Thank You very much gor you publishment .

  • i have a code on that hehehehehehe
    who want on this code????
    PM me in my email

  • If (“Your Drive exist”) Then
    Copy (“\Virus.exe”)

    this is a sample code……hehehe

  • Hi Dude Tks for ur Great Software….

    Thanking You

    JAGS Da Wun

  • I tried many of these nasty tools which will never work.
    Try Quick Heal version 9.0 or greater. Online scan would provide best results. I Tried using version 10.
    I searched *.exe in search (My system was connected to internet however). All the trojans and viruses that are executable files are detected and repaired.
    Now I got completely rid of this ‘new folder.exe’ virus.
    Quickheal also repairs the root cause for this virus i.e., Pen Drive. ‘Boot.exe’ is the root for the ‘New Folder.exe’ which resides in the pen drive.
    By the way, Quick Heal is a free software tool

  • This file is a virus itself :@ :@ :@

  • i think not, i tried to download quick heal antivirus, its nice anti virus, but i dont know how to register the licensed version… thank you versy much for prividing this

  • Yeah post a screenshot and prove it…

  • putos

  • send me link

  • Try this

  • thank you very much

    this tool works great…

    many thanks dude

  • Hey, I got to be more tolerant with New Folder because of this item

  • hi Folder.exe

  • The file is a stupid virus

  • this tool work great! many many thanks

  • work great!

  • Well its working and I think its nice

  • Malwarebytes is the solution for all these problems you can get it by google it

  • Its scanning files .. but result appears as Found” . Please provide further input.

  • Its scanning files… but result appears as “no virus found” .. please provide further input.

  • thanks man u r a good man

  • WOa… i have this FUvirus… but its effect was been removed when i tried the smat virus remover… it really works but the picture of the affcted filed will not go back to its normal picture…guess u have to edit it…but any ways it works!!!

  • doesn’t work on my station.

  • yea its working properly

  • bt still reg editor and task manager does not open why

  • Eu ainda estou com vírus. Por quê?

  • I’m still a virus. Why?

  • This work nice

  • Yo this did’nt work for me, What am doing wrong. Bloody folder.exe is still there

  • and… my CD Drive also have folder virus. what I can do my friends.

    • Author

      The CD in your drive has virus, just copy the whole CD and then scan with some Anti-Virus and then rewrite the CD.

  • pl. send some idea friends

  • Smart Virus Remover tool does not work to remove New Folder.exe.
    Checked on November 23, 2009 @ 12.45 AM. Suggest exact way to delete this virus.

  • Author

    Ganesh there are many newfolder.exe viruses. This program only removes some particular newfolder variants.. Try now bcoz i updated it
    .-= Muhammad Abdullah´s last blog ..Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool Networx =-.

  • how to remove new folder.exe issue from my usb flash drive?

  • @bharathi
    hello bharti,
    this is vinay here i have a prob with my flash drive it cant formate even it contain new folder.exe plz help me if you can my mail id is thanks.

  • Ganesh :Smart Virus Remover tool does not work to remove New Folder.exe.Checked on November 23, 2009 @ 12.45 AM. Suggest exact way to delete this virus.

  • try this url for remove folder.exe worm viruses

  • Author

    vinay :how to remove new folder.exe issue from my usb flash drive?

    Your system is infected,format your usb from a different system
    .-= Muhammad Abdullah´s last blog ..Windows 7: Turn Laptop Wireless Into A WiFi Hotspot =-.

  • Nice post frnd…
    .-= Rjesh Perumal´s last blog ..LOCAL DISKS ASK FOR PROGRAM TO OPEN WITH??? =-.

  • Thanks, it works for me. 🙂

  • Avast works for me. Just download it in, gud luck guys! hope it’ll work to u too!

  • Any one have solution to remove virus name YahooMail.exe

  • i have norton IS 2009 .but khatra.exe , folder.exe , autorun.inf .in this virus infected my system im using server 2003r2 .pls help me how delete that all virus without format ….

  • Thanks,

    Your tool light and easy to use. Good job and may God Bless You

  • need this tool newfolder.exe

  • Buenas Queria

  • hey can u giv me d link for dwnlding quickheal version9.0 ?
    wat is d link for online scanning?
    plz post dam
    thanks and regards

  • newfolder .exe

  • hello bharti,
    this is sattibabu here i have a prob with my flash drive it cant formate even it contain new folder.exe plz help me if you can my mail id is thanks.

    Read more:

  • THNX a lot man… !!

  • I was infected with this virus .
    follow steps :

    1st) uninstall all anti virus malwares.
    2nd) download spyware doctor with antivirus.
    from here.


    install and register it then
    start scan find all viruses then it will ask u to fix all errors. do it n restart ur pc.

    then install what antivirus u want after u removed that virus..
    n make sure ur antivirus is updated version.

    thanks n regards
    Kumaar Dhanva

  • Hi I hope someone can help.

    This tool did NOT fix my problem with ” folder options” which is that under “extensions” no new ones can be added and for “folder” options the “run commando promp” is defalt and the option “open” is gone!!!
    I can add a new “run this file with this program” (but not delete it again” and this runs when clicking.
    Result is that when I click a folder it a) runs with commando prompt or b) some other program but DOES NOT open the folder!
    Very strange.. The Windows explorer still work, this problem relates to the general windows.

    Any good ideas??

  • Thanks man! you’re a big help…

  • The remover is not good enough to remove the .exe virus from infected pc.

  • you work is very nice for remove folder.exe

  • please serial key sent to me

  • hi please help my syatem from virus 🙁
    i got my system occupied by every drive a folder is created by its own..i can neither open it nor delete it…if i open movie folder ,same folder is present inside this all my system got messed up..please some body suggest me what to do..

  • if its the matter of only one folder(new folder.exe) then use everything tool to remove newfolder.exe virus or if many folders of different name try to remove it by searching with its size.. because this folders(virus) ill be having same size… and delete it…

  • Hi… if any query mail me @ and do not forget to add .exe for newfolder while searching and if many folders are affected than give *.exe in search with its size..

  • It works awesome

  • Please Send Me the serial key PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE my E – Mail Address is

  • good if it works to remove folder.exe virus & registry repairs

    • Author

      yes, it works but with limited options to remove new folder.exe virus

  • Abdullah I have tried it but it’s really not working. When I double click on the statusbar icon, smart virus remover doesn’t show up. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

  • Thanks! It really helped me a lot 😉 Good job , guys!

  • associated with the comprehensive info possess found on this topic on the net. end up being back soon to follow-up.

  • try search in google combofix and SDfix download it, then reboot your pc and set it in safemode then run the combofix when it finish scan run the SDfix. i hope this will help.


  • Thans for antivioru its really helped

  • plz send for folder virus softwaer

  • folder virus can be removed maually very easily you can read this article

  • txx a laot

  • your file is corrupted

  • hello sir
    i have problem in my pc for newfolder virys infection
    plz help me email moiz_mohammed4

  • When the New Folder.exe Virus is removed, either manually or with a program, what happens to the files in the original folders (that got converted into .exe. I’m very worried that if I remove the virus, it will format all of the infected folders and I’ll lose all of my documents.

  • while double clicking my computer drive it comes open with what shall i do for this.

  • I have a problem with my pc that every folder make another file folder i cant understand to solve this problem pl. advice me to solvoe this problem to work with softness

  • hai
    i have a problem with my pc…that every folder making another folder with webcam i can fix on that problem….

  • Thanks !!! It worked.

  • Thanks. Working percfectly.

  • when i run the program my files hidden .. i cant open them … ???!! 

  • I have scan my computer after that all icons of the desktop disappear
    what is the problem how can i solve that problem.

  • Dear Sir,

    i have downloaded some movies from torrent and kept it in “D” drive but suddenly i fond some problem with “D” drive. whenever i try to open it, some error message is showing i.e. EXPLORER.EXE , please sir help me.

  • ???? ???

  • when i am trying to open my G: drive,it cannot open and said xaooq.exe file is missing…..what i do please help me…..please

  • hi i want to make anti virus folder in cmd if this programes is avibile or formola is there so please send to me on this email

  • Thank you so much o( ^_ ^)o

  • Thanks for this tools I guess mine is fine now.

  • my folders in flash drives becomes an application even an notepad but microsoft tool din’t change in to an application’ how can i solve this?

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