Make Your Own Tools By Automating Windows Tasks

There are a lot of tools and utilities that I come across that are made just to automate a few tasks in Windows. I always want to find a utility that can enhance my productivity on the computer or atleast save some time. Regular readers of Technize know that I usually write about those softwares here at Technize that enhance productivity.
A few days back I got a mail to review WinAutomation software. I went on vacations so couldn’t test it myself. Now I have tested WinAutomation and am really amazed about its features. I wonder how powerful a software can become when it comes to automating simple day to day tasks. And the productivity gets a boost of almost 100%.
I will write about this tool more as I am finding it more and more interesting the more I use it. But the greatest thing that I have found out is that we can make an executable of what we have made in WinAutomation. This means that by using WinAutomation, we can create our own little programs in Windows without getting into deep and hardcore programming. If anyone can make a unique program using WinAutomation and share with us, that would be great. I will write about another feature of WinAutomation in a few days. In the mean time you can see the video about WinAutomation:

Download WinAutomation from below:

[download id=”175″]

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  1. THANKS! Im always looking forward for new software/applications in this site..nice one i’ll be trying it…more power!

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