Make Windows Boot Faster When Connected To LAN

When a PC is connected to LAN (Local Area Network), at startup system follows update rules of Groups Policies. This causes the computer to starts up longer. To make logon faster these policies must be turned off so that computer does not waste its time in renewing the group policies.


This group policy update is not required on a home Network, so you might want to turn it off .You can do this manually or automatically with a registry key. The manual procedure is given:

1. Start the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE – > Microsoft -> Windows ->CurrentVersion -> Policies -> System
2. From the menu choose Edit -> New -> DWORD Value and give name of SynchronousMachineGroupPolicy
3. Double-click the new value and the field DataValue type 0and click OK
4. Create another DWORD value and name it asSynchronousUserGroupPolicy and put the value to 0.

5. Restart your computer.

Automatic procedure is only at a single click distance, Download the zip file below and double click at tweak.reg , to enable tweak, and if you want to restore your default settings you have to launch tweak_restoreand registry entries are removed.

[download id=”345″]

This tweak is special for old operating systems which do not have enough sophistication in updating the group policies and take too longer to startup in a network environment.

Be sure that this tweak should not be applied where group policies are required to be updated at each startup.

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