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The site

tells information about any of the windows files, any exe or dll. The information is provided about high quality professionals.

Files are rated by a technical analyse based on their properties such as embedded hidden functions (e.g. keyboard monitoring, autostart entry, browser supervision or manipulation) and process type such as visible window, systray program, DLL, IE-plugin, service, and more.

The security score tells the likelihood of the process being potential malware, spyware, trojan or keylogger.

That file is important for Windows or an installed application.
image That file seems to be needed for Windows OS or an installed application.
image That file is neither dangerous nor essential. (neutral)
image That file seems to be dangerous.
image That file is spyware, trojan, adware or a virus.

The website is in two languages english and dutch.

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  1. Good source. I don’t know how you search for files you don’t know but i just go for google with file name and mostly it shows proper results.

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