Internet Explorer 9: how to pin your site to the taskbar?

Pin web sites to task bar of Windows 7 by IE9, a new interesting feature of Microsoft’s browser. Internet Explorer 9 has a new interesting feature which should be good to know that allows you pin selected sites on the tasks bar of windows 7. It looks interesting in combination with the new task bar of Windows 7 Thanks to Microsoft we have an easy access to our favorites and can open them from the super bar instantly.

1. To pin your website to taskbar, first open it in Internet Explorer 9


2. Now just click on the icon of the left side of the address and hold down your left mouse button and drag it to the Windows taskbar.

3. Now the site is pinned to taskbar as an icon so you just have to click on it, website will be opened.Here is the final result.

Salman, the author of this article, is an electrical engineer and also runs a technology blog