Free Websites to download System Drivers

Upon system reinstall you ,may need to download driver. Such as Graphics driver and sound driver.

To know that you do not have installed your video driver or audio drivers. You need to open device manager.

Open My Computer properties –> Hardware tab- > Device Manger.

If you find some entry showing yellow icon. If the entry is named as Video Graphics Controller you need to install Video Driver for multimedia Audio Controller Audio driver need to be installed and for LAN Card or Ethernet Controller driver is required.


You need to first identify the driver name, model and manufacturer of a device. Then you any of the following website to download drivers.

You can our link to identify unknown system drivers

3 ways to find unknown device drivers  in windows

1. Device Drivers

screenshot.7 is one of the most popular driver download and software download websites on the Internet. All the drivers are categorized by type. The drivers are available by links on their own server.

You do not need to register to download the driver. But only 1 problem is that when you search for a driver it gives you a list of drivers many of them are the those which  you are not concerned with.


screenshot.8 is one of the oldest driver download websites. They advertise a catalog of nearly half a million drivers and firmware files.

When you search for a driver you are provided with many similar drivers. You may get confused to download a single driver.

You need to register before you can download drivers also for free accounts  the access is limited. You need to pay them to get access to all the drivers on their site.

3. TechSpot: Drivers

screenshot.9 is a technology website that offers forums, software downloads, drivers etc. The site has organized the drivers by type. No registration is required and when you download driver you are given the link of manufacturer’s website.


4. Drivers

screenshot.10 offers you to download software+drivers.

Finding drivers at is easy and no registration is required. The site has external download links to driver manufacturer’s site.



screenshot.12 is a software download website and also provides driver downloads.

No registration is required to download drivers. The site also has direct links to manufacturer’s website.


screenshot.13 has also a repository to download drivers. The downloading of drivers can be cumbersome in some cases.

No registration is required at The site provides has external links to third party driver download websites. And you may need to register on those sites to download drivers.



The website is great in terms of patches and upgrades to softwares. Also provides driver updates. No registration is required to download any driver. Site navigation is very easy. The site has external links



Downloading drivers from may become difficult because of site navigation. Although it has all the drivers on their own server.

No registration is required to download any driver.



The lists the drivers in two ways through driver type and company wise. The site is helpful in terms of FAQ, service manuals and user manuals. When you download any driver you need to enter captcha.

All the drivers are provided on their own server.

No registration is required to download any driver.

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