Folder Opens in a New Window

Have you ever faced such problem that clicking on a drive it open’s in a new window. If yes then try the following solutions.
Method 1
Cheack Browse folders option under Tools >> Folder Options in General if it is set to open folders in same window or it’s own window.

Method 2
Go to Start>>regedit and navigate to the follwing key.
HKLR/Directory/Shell and in the right hand pane change the default valus data as none.
Exit the registrty
Method 3
If you are not familiar with the registry editor then dont worry, just download the following registry file from the following link and double click on it to run.

[download id=”154″]
Method 4
You can use this small utility ” Flash Disinfector“. Just download and run it from you computer. Note that before running ” Flash Disinfector” close all your programmes and windows. The screen may go blank for a moment while you are running this utility. But don’t worry, this is normal.

Youmay need to restart your system after going through the above process.

15 thoughts on “Folder Opens in a New Window”

  1. Chiranjib I don’t really understand the connection between opening a folder in a new window and the flash disinfector???

  2. Flash disinfector removes the autorun.inf from the drives as well as the USB drives. In most cases this problem occurs due to virus. Flash disinfector is the best solution I have used. You can try it.

  3. Thanks..I looking over the internet and useless, luckily I’m subscribing to the Technize RSS, so then my laptop now healthy again. My suggestion is always keep Smart Virus Remover as your backup, you never know when you needed in case.

    • Thanks for the compliments adib. Yes Smart Virus Remover is a must have app for everyone using Windows as problems may occur anytime.

  4. Ohh……absolute amazing……
    Hey guyz …This really worked….!
    First when i ……saw dis tool…..
    i hav never even thought dat….itz gonna help me…
    Oh….thx a lot !

  5. Flash Disinfector Rocks(FD) !!! i am a great fan of this software…Thanks a lot FD for cleaning my PC…I am relieved from all troubles of the PC.

  6. First i thought i not gonna work.I thought that it is maybe because of virus but not i am amazed after using this software it has help me alot.thax with best regards to all.

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