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Find Duplicate And Filter Cell By Color in Excel 2007/2010

Removing or identifying duplicate values in a Excel sheet is very difficult task, most people do it by using the formula of “countif”, but Excel 2007 / 2010 has introduced a new function of “conditional formatting”

Conditional formatting is tool which format cell or cells on conditioned specified, Excel 2007 / 2010 has provided new function of highlighting duplicated cells, this function highlight all duplicate value in selected cells to use this function, go to “Home” Tab select all cells in which you want to find duplicate, then click on Conditional formation > highlighting cell rules > Duplicate values

Small window will open which select the formatting on which you want to see duplicate values or just press ok it will highlight it in red by default

Excel 2007 / 2010 also has new feature to filter the cell by color to use this function select the coulomb on which you want to ADD the filter then go to Home tab > Editing > sort and filter > Filter

Filter will be applied to selected coulomb now select the filter and filter by color > filter by cell colored > (then select the color of duplicate cell) all the colored cell of selected color will be filtered

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  • Peter Osemeke May 18, 2012, 1:32 am


    Pls I am a novice but I need ur professional help. In my 2007 Excel I have a list of names abot 6000 names in a colum and I then pasted about 1000 names on that same sheet so that I can use conditional formating to get their duplicates names in which I color d duplicates to be green and it show me all the names that are duplicates but now I have to see how I can remove and delete only the other names in the 6000 names that are not colored green. How can I do that so dat I leave only the duplicates names and then remove only undiplcates names.

    Thank u.