Enhance Hard Disk Drive Transfer Rates

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Computer systems are increasing day by day in technology advancements. In 2000 year we have only seen a Pentium 4 processor having 1.0 Ghz speed, and now in 2010 we have a processor like core i7 with 6 cores of 3.3 Ghz.  RAM has also advanced much today we have DDR3-2133 MHz. Hard disk drives have also increased in terms of capacity.  But Hard disk drives comparing with the advancments in processor and memory has not much increased tranfer rates. Usually hard disk drives offer transfer rates of 50-100 MB/s.

These rates can be enhanced upto a point. By using this techniques

  • You need to have minimum partitions on your hard drive. The transfer rate is maxium on your first drive usually C drive and this rate is somehow reduced on the next parition D, and if you have E drive the rate is again decreased with this drive. To partition again you drive backup your data on some other drive and then again partition with less drives, 2 drives are enough.
  • You can also increase the speed of installing large applications. You need to have two hard drives. Copy all the installation files on one hard drive and then install the applicaiton on a parition on another hard drive.

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