Easily Encrypt Your Personal Data

SafeHouse Explorer is FREE super-strong 256-bit encryption software for any hard drive or USB Flash memory stick. It will protect your files against any damage by virus. It can run directly from USB memory sticks. It can create self-extracting encrypted vaults.

The software is also available for U3 drives.

Installation Instruction

You need to create a container (password protected file)

Download the setup package from the following location. After download install it.

Run SafeHouse Explorer Quick Start window will open, Click Next 3 times.

On the Create your First Storage Vault box, Click Create Storage Vault.

A new box will appear click Next. The default location container location will be C:\SafeHouse\, you can change it. Click Next.

On the Size of your Private Storage Area box set Volume Size to the amount of data you want to protect. In the first attempt I recommend you to not select a resizable container. Click Next.

In the password field give the passwords, Next.

Click on Create Volume. This will take a little bit time. You will see the previous Quick Start windows cancel it.

Now you will see your safehouse volume open. Drag any file on it to add. But it’s size must not be large as compared to the container size. Click on this button to close the volume


You can create more volumes. To mount any volume click on Open Volume and select the file. After selecting file you will see password window. Enter password and you will again see the container.



Requires Microsoft Windows:

XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 or 64 bits.

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