Convert Your Media Online instantaneously

Media Convert Service allows you to convert your files instantaneously for free. No software is needed and you don’t have
to register. You only need to upload it and wait a small time for conversion and the file is available for you to download

You can convert files form Video,Audio,Text,Spreadsheets,Presentation,Database,Images,Vector document,compressed files

While you convert you can set the bit rates, crop the audio, (raise audio level for audio content only) or video content.
The maximum file size limit is 200 MB

You can save the file to mobile phone media also.

You can generate thumbnails of images

You can use Web url for converting a file. So the need to download and then upload for conversion is eliminated
For url processing following protocols are supported

To see a list of supported formats
All converted files can be downloaded during 24 hours approximately.

Limitation of the site:

  • The process can become slow for multiple files or large files, limited by your internet connection speed.
  • No support for converting Microsoft Office 2007 formats

The service is available in 20 different languages
Hebrew,Thai,Hungarian,Turkish,Brazilian Portuguese

How to convert a file

Select the file with browse button, In the Input format select the format if you do not know try this

Open the Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View tab -> Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
Now you will see the extension with filenames.

OR you can use Autodetect feature for the least.

Select the format and then select output format. and the click OK in the right pane

THe file will be uploaded first and then you will see this.

after the processing you will have a link to download file to your PC or mobile phone

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