Change MS Word 2007 Defualt Saving Format from .Docx to .Doc

Microsoft has introduced new formats with Office 07 that created many problems for users of Office 2003 or earlier and OpenOffice Users (OpenOffice currently does not support Office 07 formats)

The only thing you can do to prevent this

Default Word Saving Format

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2007
  2. Click the “Office Button” (top left of your screen), then on the bottom of the list click “Word Options
  3. The “Word Options” window will open. Now click on “Save” in the left panel
  4. Change the top option (in the right panel) “save files in this format” from “Word Document (*.docx)” to “Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)
  5. Click “OK

New Context Menu Blank Doc Document

Next thing you want to change must be, the New Context Menu to create the Blank .doc document. So here is a reg file to do that.  [download id=”32″]

Eliminate the Docx Blank Document

After applying it you may be seeing two options for word document. You can eliminate the .docx blank document by applying this file

[download id=”34″]
New Context Menu

To undo the above operation run this file  Docx Blank File

2 thoughts on “Change MS Word 2007 Defualt Saving Format from .Docx to .Doc”

  1. When saving a doc in Word 2007, it only shows me what I already have in .docx format. Is there a way for me to also see the .doc documents, so I know if I already have something with this name? I’d want to save over an older (out of date) version of the document.

  2. Hi!..the problem is my microsoft word documents is in read only format. i try to edit the word documents but nothing happen..i cannot edit my files or i cannot type anything..what is the main problem??

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