Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Office suit is a collection of several noteworthy and remarkable tools including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Office tools are used for compilation of documents, presentations, spreadsheet, database management, drawing, designing and much more. Today I am writing about a new feature in Microsoft Word which is best known for creating documents. Microsoft Office 2007 provides a new and unique feature of blogging, i.e., you can use Microsoft Word as a tool for blogging. Thus, If you are looking to post a article to your blog website, you can easily do so through Microsoft Word 2007 as an alternative to Word press or blogger. Moreover with the help of blogging feature, you can even add categories to your posts.

Follow the easy steps below to understand how to use Word 2007 as a tool for blogging.
  • Open a new Word document and click “new blog post”.

  • A new document will open, with blogging tools. Click “Manage Account”.

  • A new dialogue box will pop up, click New.

  • Select blog provider from the drop down menu.

  • Type in your blog website URL e.g., “” and enter your account information (User name and Password). You can also set picture options as Microsoft Word 2007 also supports picture uploading feature.

  • Click OK, and you are finish with setting up your account.
  • Start writing your article now, and just click Publish, when finished.

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