Best Way To "Pin" Drives To The Windows 7 Taskbar

By default, if any disk will move to the taskbar, it will be only the pinned to the Windows explorer, but it is a simple thing you can do and the drive will be clipped to your belt. Feel free to read further part of advice.
Click the right mouse button on the desktop and create a new text document,


Now change its extension to exe.


Now clip this exe file to the taskbar. Of course do not launch the “application”, because nothing is there.

Click the right mouse button pinned Application and choose Properties.

If you want to pin your C drive is in the “Target” type C: \


And the same type in the “Start In” Proceed by analogy, pinning the other drives. Now I change the icon by clicking on the “Change Icon”.


Click Apply, then OK, now reboot your computer or close explorer and run again in Task Manager.


This is the final result:

Drives can also be pinned to taskbar by enabling the quick launch in windows 7. Enabling the quick launch is already discussed in post here.