Auto Download and Install Freeware Apps After Fresh Windows Installation

Last day when I installed a fresh copy of windows on my laptop, I had to do a lot of installation of freeware programs. So I searched these in my software directory, which imposed me that I have my freeware software outdated. To avoid the burden of downloading and installing the latest apps I searched for some automation of latest freeware downloading and installation, FreeApps fits on my demands and it makes me happy when I use it, A lot of program options available at it freeware tab.

You just have to choose the category of programs and a large list of programs is visible, clicking on check boxes you may select or unselected a program. We also have a view of already installed latest freeware, and listed software are also rated, its freeware directory includes Free anti-virus, office software, CD-DVD tools, Desktop, File sharing, Compression, communication etc.

List also shows recommended freeware that should be installed on fresh windows, so just select the programs from the not installed list, and just click on install button at bottom.

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FreeApps will automatically download the latest version of the selected freeware programs and makes a silent install of programs. The big advantage of FreeApps is that it does not disturb you while performing its actions, Program is strongly recommended for users who have installed a fresh copy of windows installed on its Computer. It automatically detects the OS version installed on your pc and downloads and installs the best suit for your OS.

In order to update your freeware installed on your pc you just have to launch FreeApps and click on install updates, just have a cup of tea and enjoy the free update of your freeware apps installed on your computer.A very small Download size of 0.5 Mb and very low ram usage.

App also includes the status bar and uninstaller tab, which helps you to look at FreeApps activity. A daily basis giveaway is also included in FreeApps. But I have not checked out this one. But one may participate there by registering on their website and you can also create your favorite program lists. That is although a comparable brand with ninite which allows marking some freeware and getting installer for specific clicked apps. But I found it the best way for the new PC.

Get FreeApps and take the advantage of automation.