Microsoft Security Essentials A Free Anti-Virus From Microsoft

For the First time Microsoft is providing a free Anti-Virus solution the Microsoft Security Essentials. This program supersedes Windows Defender and turns the Windows Defender off when you install it. It is backed up by Microsoft Malware Protection Center.


The only problem it could elevate is that it requires you to have a Genuine Windows.

According to Windows Team Blog MSE does so far

  • MSE is independently certified by West Coast Labs – that makes me feel good about relying on it
  • MSE uses the same core engine as Microsoft’s enterprise-class AV/AM products and is backed by Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center which makes me feel even better
  • When it does find something that doesn’t belong it enables you to clean or remove it quickly and easily rather than loading a big heavyweight app.
  • It’s free!

It is only 4-5 MB download for Windows Vista,7 and 8-9 MB for Windows XP

Runs on Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7

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