3 Ways To Schedule Status Updates On Facebook And Twitter

There are many softwares which can help you schedule status updates on Facebook and Twitter but here I’ll talk about 3 online services which can help you schedule updates on Facebook and Twitter without installing anything on your computer. This is especially helpful when you’re on a public computer and are not allowed to download or install any software on the computer.

Social Tomorrow
Social Tomorrow lets you schedule status updates on Facebook and Twitter. You can also schedule wallposts on Fanpages and groups. The free version of this app lets you send 10 status updates to Twitter or Facebook, 10 wallposts on Fanpages and 10 wallposts on Groups.
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Later Bro
Later Bro is a better service than Social Tomorrow In the sense that it doesn’t require any signups etc. You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter ID and start scheduling the status updates.
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SocialOomph is a similar service to Social Tomorrow and includes free and professional plans. The free account lets you schedule Tweets on Twitter, Google Buzz and StatusNet.
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