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How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages and Emails?

Exchanging messages has become so popular today! Whether you use the Facebook Messenger or Twitter, it is all about messages. But still to-date Email is so popular that Microsoft started convert of Hotmail account to Gmail and Yahoo are still going great guns! But sometimes things can go wrong when you are working with a pc/laptop/smartphone and it necessarily need not be your fault.

Emails can be deleted on purpose or by chance. For example your ex-girlfriend, colleague or enemy can gain access to your Gmail account and delete all your emails. Sometimes hackers can intrude into your email system and create havoc with your data.

How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages?

If you have created regular Gmail backups you can recover deleted Gmail messages right from Gmail’s web interface. But somehow if you are lazy like me and have no mail backups, you can still recover the lost data provided you meet the following two conditions.

  • Mails have not been deleted from the Gmail trash
  • Less than 30 days have passed since the deletion

All the deleted Gmail messages will be in “Trash" folder until you manually purge them or for a time period of 30 days. To check whether you Gmail messages are in your “Trash" folder, complete the following:

1. Go To your Gmail account and Sign-in.

2. Locate the “Trash" folder on the left side bar. This generally will be below the “Spam" folder.

3. There is also a short-cut to reach this folder. Type “in:trash" in Gmail search and there you are:


From the email messages available in the “Trash" folder you can select your wanted mails and move them to “Inbox" or any other folder of your choice. You generally need to click the drop-down menu to reach the “Inbox" or any other folder.

If you haven’t found your deleted Gmail messages here, you can post a support request on the official Gmail forum as a last resort.

How to Restore Deleted Emails?

Just like in Gmail, if you have deleted important emails in your email service you can restore them without any hassle.


1. Login to your service.

2. In the left sidebar/pane of the home screen, you will see a “Deleted" folder. It’s just like the “Trash" folder in Gmail.

3. You can do similar tasks as you have done in Gmail “Trash" folder here.


As you can observe all the deleted messages are stored in this folder. Just select the email you want to un-delete and click the drop-down on “Move to" tab and choose Inbox. Your deleted message will be back in your Inbox.

But there is one more advantage compared to Gmail in Suppose you have even deleted all the messages in the Deleted folder too, you can still restore them back. This possibility is not available in Gmail. You just have to put a support request in one of the product forms of “Google".


Just, click on the “recover deleted messages" present at the bottom on the right side pane of the Deleted folder. Hooray! will try to restore all your deleted messages. Once they are back in your Deleted folder, you just have to move your wanted mails to Inbox as we mentioned before.


You will see the above message at the bottom of the retrieved deleted messages, once they are restored. “We brought back every message we could. Please move anything you want to keep since the Deleted folder is emptied periodically. …"

As you observed in Gmail and it’s very easy to get back your deleted messages if you are on a high alert. Sometimes they get deleted permanently and the only chance to restore them back is using support forums and sending a request to the Email service.

Guest post by Karri Avinash who is a Microsoft enthusiast with latest tech trendy articles on his blog. He supports his Uncle Palla Ramarao in writing reviews about Windows products like Windows 8, Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 folder Sync,, Windows 7 and Surface tablet. Palla Ramarao, the main writer is a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time.

Opera 11 Review–Download + New Features

Last time I wrote about Opera was about Opera 10.5. Opera 10.5 portable was also available for download. Now Opera 11 final is out. It has been in beta for quite some time but now the final version has been released. Opera 11 comes out with quite a few new features that will certainly help in enhancing the overall browsing experience like the addition of Opera extensions and tab grouping being the most loved ones. Let’s look at some of the new features of new Opera 11:

Tab Stacking (Grouping)

opera tab grouping

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Download Google Chrome OS RC

Be aware, this is not Google Chrome web browser, it’s the new Google Operating System, Chrome OS. Google has been working on their own Operating System for quite a while and finally the Release Candidate of the OS is out and is available for download. It was announced in Google Event where the Chrome OS was running on a 12.1" laptop called CR-48. According to Matt Cutts, they taped video for 8 hours using this CR-48 Chrome OS notebook and still the battery remain was 25% (another 1.5 hours). This will be amazing that a notebook can run all day without external power.

google chrome os

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Auto Download and Install Freeware Apps After Fresh Windows Installation

Last day when I installed a fresh copy of windows on my laptop, I had to do a lot of installation of freeware programs. So I searched these in my software directory, which imposed me that I have my freeware software outdated. To avoid the burden of downloading and installing the latest apps I searched for some automation of latest freeware downloading and installation, FreeApps fits on my demands and it makes me happy when I use it, A lot of program options available at it freeware tab.

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Full Download Of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta Setup

windows live essentials Microsoft has recently released Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta. this version of Windows Live Essentials include the following programs:

Windows Live Family Safety
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live Photo Gallery
Windows Live Sync
Bing Bar
Windows Live Writer
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Pack
Messenger Companion
Microsoft Silverlight

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Best Browsing Habbits With Firefox

While browsing the internet we come across so many known and unknown threats. One of the most important precautionary measure a user can take is to use common sense. In addition to common sense, there are some tools / procedures one can adopt to be safe online. In one of my previous post i discussed “No Script” plugin for firefox which is a good remedy against click jacking . Today i ll share my views about other important features that firefox provides for our own security. I have been using firefox for about 3 or 4 years and after trying a lot of other browsers i have concluded that its is a very good option to use firefox because of the level of customization it offers making it a safe and powerful tool against online threats. Following are different plugins that must be used with firefox.

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Send files upto 2GB over internet

On the internet is it very difficult task to send large files since uploading can be tiresome as compared to downloading.

There are limited options on the internet for uploading large files for free. Although you can transfer files using any Internet Messenger but if you need to share the files with some other person also then do you need to send the file again.

No WeTransfer is solution to send large files

The size for sending files is collectively 2GB.

You can add multiple files (2GB max) like videos, audios, photo albums or documents and send them to 20 recipients at one time.


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5 Ways To Convert PDF to Word Online

Many times you need to copy text from PDF files. The process is easy when you need to copy a small bits of text but if you want to copy large text and also with tables pictures then the process becomes complex.

I am giving a 5 solutions to convert your PDF online.

The online methods usually ask you to upload your pdf file to their site and enter your email address. The file is mailed to you within some time.

1. Convert PDF2Word

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Download Google Books and Save them as PDF

Google has made available digital copies of many books,magazines on

The books are available on different subjects:

Body, Mind & Spirit,Business & Economics,Computers,Cooking,Design,Family & Relationships,Games Gardening,Health & Fitness,House & Home,Humor,Law,Literary Collections,Literary Criticism Mathematics,Medical,Performing Arts,Pets,Philosophy,Photography,Poetry,Political Science Psychology,Religion,Self-Help,Social Science,Technology & Engineering,Transportation Travel

You can download these books with the help of Google Books Downloader

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Fix The Latest Internet Explorer 0-Day Vulnerability (KB981374)

ms fix it A few days ago, a vulnerability in Internet Explorer was discovered that could allow remote code execution by malicious users. The vulnerability exists due to an invalid pointer reference being used within Internet Explorer. It’s possible to access the invalid pointer after the object is deleted.

Microsoft has already dispatched an update for the vulnerable versions of IE. It is advised that you update your Internet Explorer with the latest patches. Internet Explorer 8 is not affected by this vulnerability. Users using older versions of Internet Explorer should update their systems.

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