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6 Ways To Identify Microsoft Windows Support Call Scam

Have you ever been a victim of scam calls? If not, then prepare yourself to experience the assault of scam calls claiming to be from Microsoft Windows support – “I’m calling from Microsoft. We’ve had a report from your Internet service provider of serious virus problems from your computer?" After establishing the purpose of the call, the caller makes the first move – offers a free scan, leading to warnings of malware infections and offer technical support – of course, paid assistance of $250 or more.

Kaspersky Lab security researcher, David Jacoby gave seven facts to help the users detect and avoid Microsoft Windows support call scams.

1. “I am calling from Microsoft"

The caller claims to be with Microsoft – through this statement the caller tries to establish credibility. Their prowess to trap people lies not in technical sophistication, rather the attackers relay on their social engineering skills to trick people – smooth talking and cashing on people’s fear, says Jacoby.

2. Windows Errors can be detected easily

Jacoby received a Microsoft scam call, claiming that his PC showed signs of malware infection. In order to establish the claim, the caller asked Jacoby to check numerous error messages in the Windows Event Manager. On viewing the tool, Jacoby realized the event viewer showed error messages, but they were not directly caused by an infection. He explained that these errors occur in the log files, mostly when computer has not been re-installed for a long period of time and is running lots of programs.

3. The art of obtaining unique ID

After making sure that the victim has yielded to the trap, the caller asked Jacoby to carry out a DOS command to reveal the system’s unique ID; so that the caller could verify that it was referencing the correct system, which has been infected with malware. The caller confirmed the license ID by tallying it with ID Jacoby was seeing on his screen. Of course, the two IDs matched; but it was sleight of hand made the two IDs appear the same.

4. The drama begins…

After receiving an “off" response when Jacoby send a DOS command, the caller became all hyper and started screaming. Jacoby recalled the caller was quite upset when his license was not verified, which, according to her meant that no security patches could be installed – thus, asserted Jacoby to allow their technician to directly access his PC – to which he agreed.  

5. Fake cleaning of Malwares

During the call, the remote access tool administrator opened on Jacoby’s PC screen, dating from 2011 – prompting a claim from the caller that the PC has not been since 2011 and advising Jacoby to install security software which will protect his PC against threats of viruses, malware, Trojans and hackers. Jacoby agreed to the caller’s claim and let her install an application “G2AX_customer_downloader_win32_x86" on his PC. After the installation, it was indicated that he had “successfully updated the software license for lifetime."

6. Tricking for your money

The game ends with demand of $250 to be paid via PayPal account, given by the caller to Jacoby. Any other common user would have been fooled into paying this amount for nothing. Jacoby, being a security researcher played along with the caller to obtain phone number and IP address of the caller to inform authorities and get the cyber crime gang busted.

Guest post by James Clark who has been playing with his words and spinning out one informative piece after another on Computer and Internet Monitoring Software along with keyloggers for a while now. His work is about all things technology related, especially when it comes to pcs.

How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages and Outlook.com Emails?

Exchanging messages has become so popular today! Whether you use the Facebook Messenger or Twitter, it is all about messages. But still to-date Email is so popular that Microsoft started convert of Hotmail account to Outlook.com. Gmail and Yahoo are still going great guns! But sometimes things can go wrong when you are working with a pc/laptop/smartphone and it necessarily need not be your fault.

Emails can be deleted on purpose or by chance. For example your ex-girlfriend, colleague or enemy can gain access to your Gmail account and delete all your emails. Sometimes hackers can intrude into your email system and create havoc with your data.

How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages?

If you have created regular Gmail backups you can recover deleted Gmail messages right from Gmail’s web interface. But somehow if you are lazy like me and have no mail backups, you can still recover the lost data provided you meet the following two conditions.

  • Mails have not been deleted from the Gmail trash
  • Less than 30 days have passed since the deletion

All the deleted Gmail messages will be in “Trash" folder until you manually purge them or for a time period of 30 days. To check whether you Gmail messages are in your “Trash" folder, complete the following:

1. Go To your Gmail account and Sign-in.

2. Locate the “Trash" folder on the left side bar. This generally will be below the “Spam" folder.

3. There is also a short-cut to reach this folder. Type “in:trash" in Gmail search and there you are:


From the email messages available in the “Trash" folder you can select your wanted mails and move them to “Inbox" or any other folder of your choice. You generally need to click the drop-down menu to reach the “Inbox" or any other folder.

If you haven’t found your deleted Gmail messages here, you can post a support request on the official Gmail forum as a last resort.

How to Restore Deleted Outlook.com Emails?

Just like in Gmail, if you have deleted important emails in your Outlook.com email service you can restore them without any hassle.


1. Login to your Outlook.com service.

2. In the left sidebar/pane of the Outlook.com home screen, you will see a “Deleted" folder. It’s just like the “Trash" folder in Gmail.

3. You can do similar tasks as you have done in Gmail “Trash" folder here.


As you can observe all the deleted messages are stored in this folder. Just select the email you want to un-delete and click the drop-down on “Move to" tab and choose Inbox. Your deleted message will be back in your Inbox.

But there is one more advantage compared to Gmail in Outlook.com. Suppose you have even deleted all the messages in the Deleted folder too, you can still restore them back. This possibility is not available in Gmail. You just have to put a support request in one of the product forms of “Google".


Just, click on the “recover deleted messages" present at the bottom on the right side pane of the Deleted folder. Hooray! Outlook.com will try to restore all your deleted messages. Once they are back in your Deleted folder, you just have to move your wanted mails to Inbox as we mentioned before.


You will see the above message at the bottom of the retrieved deleted messages, once they are restored. “We brought back every message we could. Please move anything you want to keep since the Deleted folder is emptied periodically. …"

As you observed in Gmail and Outlook.com it’s very easy to get back your deleted messages if you are on a high alert. Sometimes they get deleted permanently and the only chance to restore them back is using support forums and sending a request to the Email service.

Guest post by Karri Avinash who is a Microsoft enthusiast with latest tech trendy articles on his blog. He supports his Uncle Palla Ramarao in writing reviews about Windows products like Windows 8, Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 folder Sync, Outlook.com, Windows 7 and Surface tablet. Palla Ramarao, the main writer is a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time.

Restrict Programs From Accessing The Internet In Windows

Windows Firewall is a handy tool to control the Internet traffic to and from Windows. Windows Firewall lets the user to allow or disallow programs from accessing the Internet. This dialog box usually comes when we open a program for the first time. Windows Firewall was introduced in Windows XP SP1 and it is still continued in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Although Windows Firewall is good, it is not easy to operate and configure the Firewall. There are third party tools that can be used to configure Windows Firewall. You can also use Microsoft Management Console in order to configure Firewall related policies or ease you can go to Windows Firewall configuration in the Control Panel.

Firewall App Blocker is one such third party tool which has a very simple graphical user interface and is very easy to use as well. Using Firewall App Blocker, you can easily restrict specific programs from accessing the Internet. Firewall App Blocker makes use of the built in Windows Firewall to implement its rules through registry.

The functionality of Firewall App Blocker is as simple as it gets and digs down to only two buttons which can be used to add a program to the block list and remove the selected program from the block list.

Since Firewall App Blocker is portable, it can easily be carried in a USB Flash drive.

Download Firewall App Blocker to restrict programs from accessing the Internet.

Free Accounting Software for Windows With Comprehensive Financial Reports

If you are running a small business, you will absolutely be using an accounting software because it makes the business run smooth and you can see whether your company is going in profit or in loss at the click of a button. You can also take preventive measures to prevent the loss and make gains in profits. Unfortunately, the big names in accounting software have very complex software because it needs to be suited for so many varieties of businesses. A simple small business owner needs a simple accounting software which can do his job quickly and easily without any hassles of entering a plethora of information.

Manager is free accounting software for Windows which can be termed as the perfect choice for small businesses. It features a very intuitive and easy to use interface which even a novice can also operate.

After installation, when you run Manager for the first time, you will need to create a new profile. The Manager profile is create with the extension as .manager.

Manager accounting software

The interface of Manager free accounting software is quite intuitive and easy to understand and use. On the left hand pane, it will display a list of actions and reports that you can take. It is as simple as entering the money in entity for receiving money and money out for outward payments.

The receipt and payment entry is also very easy to fill out. No complex entries. Just enter a few basic questions and you’re done.

receipt created in manager accounting software

It also features the invoices and bills for customers and suppliers. You can create and print invoices to give to your customers and bills can be printed and given to the suppliers. There are three basic accounting reports that can be created using the Manager software, Journal entries, profit and loss statement and balance sheet. Since most of the small businesses need only these reports, Manager does a good job in organizing and compiling these reports. You can also print these reports from the software interface just by clicking the print button in the toolbar.

Another interesting feature about Manager that I have found to be very useful is that it can also be used as a web app. You only have to start the software and you can access it anywhere by using the URL of the web app. To start using via web, just click on the Web access button on the toolbar in order to start the app in the default browser. You can also access it remotely by using your IP address instead of localhost in the address bar. But you have to keep in mind that opening the port on which Manager is operating is very important otherwise it will not be able to get access from outside of the local network. Unfortunately there is no way to change the port on which Manager is operating. You will need to open the same port as used by Manager.

Another thing that I think is lacking in Manager is that I can’t organize all my accounts (Bank accounts + Cash accounts) within the Manager app. This seems to be a very basic issue and needs to be sorted or very soon. I hope the developer of the software will do something about this issue in the coming releases.

Additionally if you are looking for investments and partnerships in your business, the best way to do this is to use P3 software. For those who don’t know abaout P3, also known as PPP, it means Public Private Partnership in which a business is funded and run by a partnership of government and private sector companies. This can be extremely hard to achieve without any financial software involved. You can also use PFI software to create the P3 partnerships among the government and the private sector.

Download Manager accounting software

5 Major Reasons to Use Windows Live Writer For Blog Posting

Windows Live Writer is the right thing to choose for all the bloggers out there. Blogging has now become an essential part of life of several writers. Through their blogs, they are able to express themselves. This eventually brings loads of writing opportunities for them. Before moving further, we would like to explain you a little about Windows Live Writer.

What is Windows Live Writer?

Windows Live Writer, also written as WLW, is software that allows us to make posts to our blogs simply from our desktop. The post editor of this software is easy to use and simple. Here you will find out ten reasons to use Windows Live Writer for posting blogs.

Images and videos can be uploaded easily

The two top reasons for using Windows Live Writer are that images and videos can be uploaded very easily. One can make his or her pictures look good by using various borders, effects and watermarks. One can easily view some of the sample pictures on internet where they are presented having several effects. Similarly videos can also be uploaded easily. Using Windows Live writer, one can post his or her video files to soapbox and YouTube. The existing YouTube videos can be embedded on your blog posts.

Enjoy Offline editing and availability of plug-ins

If you have worked as a professional blogger then you must have seen how important is offline editing to them. Windows Live Writer provides offline editing to all its users. You can enjoy live preview of feature. The fourth reason to use Windows Live Writer for posting blogs is the availability of various kinds of plug-ins. Plug-ins that match the needs of the users, can be used instantly.

Multiple posts making and use of code plug-in and table plug-in

Top fifth reason to use Windows Live writer for blog posting is multiple posts making. Yes, it is very easy to use different copies of this software. This allows the bloggers to make posts in multiple ways. Use of Code plug-ins and Table Plug-ins is the sixth important reason to use Windows Live Writer. The plug-ins allows the bloggers to insert codes and tables in their blogs.

Enjoy options for the Hyper Links and edit old postings

While using Windows Live Writer, the bloggers can give various titles to each link of this software. The bloggers can also edit their old postings and can create new ones using this software.

Save and open drafts online and publish them when you need

The two best reasons for using Windows Live Writer is to save and open your drafts online and you can publish your postings easily. One can find several issues related to Windows Live Writer use. Using this software, you can deny or allow pings, you can add tags and you can even add a summary. Publish your posts when ever you feel like, else save them as a draft only and publish later on.

Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer. She has written many articles on IT Certifications. She is a certified professional and happy to highlight the importance of Apple Certifications. She recommends Test4Prep for exam preparation.

Will Windows 8 Secure Boot Address x86 Device Market By Preventing Piracy?

For quite some time, the market has been rife with the news that the latest version of Windows, Windows 8, is going to be launched sometime soon. While there is no official word on the matter, there have been many rumors that have spread. Most of them have been denied but some information has been verified by the industry experts. Among those waiting excitedly for the new Windows are industry gurus, broadband experts and obviously the customers. They want to know whether they need to get new devices or that their existing gadgets will be compatible with the new operating system. There is another pertinent question being asked: will Windows 8 secure boot address x86 device market by preventing privacy? The answer to this can be derived only after taking certain facts into consideration.

The Major Concern: UEFI Secure Boot

Microsoft has created a comprehensive list of requirements for manufacturers that want to use the new operating system. Among the various requirements are at least 10 GB of free memory space. Touch based devices need to have at least five points of touch. There are certain other criteria that need to be fulfilled in order for a manufacturer to declare that its devices are compatible with Windows 8.

Essentially, this means that Linux is the manufacturer that is going to suffer. None of their devices meet the required criteria. This is the main point of contention for the Linux users as they are simply prevented from making use of the Windows 8.

The one new feature that is the root of the problem is the UEFI secure boot. Designed as a replacement for the BIOS, the UEFI has been known to be one of the reasons why Microsoft is cautious about letting on information about Windows 8. Little has been confirmed about this feature but broadband experts agree that the major issues lie with it.

The Future of x86 Processors

The main thing to be taken into consideration is that the predecessors of the UEFI secure boot were designed for the x86 processors. As you know, the x86 is one of the oldest versions of processors and there are specific requirements for booting. This can create problems when you are trying to dual boot a device with a newer processor.

Microsoft has attempted to keep the Windows 8 free from piracy. This involves designing the secure boot to work in such a way that there are no chances of operating it without a license. For the new feature to work on x86 processors, the systems need to have the permission to make changes to the firmware certificate store. If the users are unable to add or remove firmware, they will be unable to use the Windows 8 operating system on an x86 processor.

The newer x86 Windows 8 systems need to allow users to install the necessary certificates. For this, Microsoft has altered the standard mode, which allows only Microsoft certificates. The users enter custom mode, under which they are allowed to install the necessary certificates on their systems. But, there is a drawback to this.

The compatibility of Windows 8 with an x86 processor has still not been assessed. This means that the user needs to turn off the secure boot in order to install the certificate. With the new UEFI secure boot, it is still not certain that users will be able to do so. In effect, the users have to change their systems to BIOS mode to install the certificates.

Here, you can question the necessity of having a new booting feature installed when the required certificates can be installed only with the older version. This is a chink in the armor that Microsoft needs to address sooner rather than later.


Hence, it is clear that Microsoft is trying its best to protect the Windows 8 from being pirated. It has designed and developed a new feature to ensure there is no wrong use of the new operating system. However, Windows 8 does not secure boot address x86 device market with this move. Users will have to switch to BIOS mode, something they have to do manually, for the necessary certificates to be installed properly.

The above article is written by Rosette Summer. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including broadband experts as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to technology, mobile applications, etc.

Key Features of Windows 8 That You Should Know

Last month, Microsoft released a consumer preview of next generation Windows 8 OS. The company announced scores of features in the recent Build Conference held in Anaheim. In a nutshell, the features which are largely discussed and debated in various forms of media include Touch-screens support, Metro interface, enhanced performance and countless of features. Here, we are bringing some of the most attractive features in windows 8.

1. It is compatible with desktops to tablets

Among the many enhancements found in this OS, the major difference in windows 8 is the compatibility factor. This operating system can be easily installed in any system including desktop, laptop and tablets. The company has introduced a very striking interface known as Metro, which will help the users to get a metro view or any other accustomed desktop view with some clicks or tap. To make things easy for the tablets, this OS comes with a design of touch-screen. Above all, they can function on ARM based processors which are usually discovered in smartphone and tablet devices. These are termed as energy filled processors which make smaller devices magical with great speed.

2. Metro and touch-screen feature promise a great future

The Windows 8 is designed keeping in mind the Touchscreen devices. But it works smoothly with the help of a keyboard and mouse. The company is now seen flaunting with Metro UI by calling it as a main element of windows 8 with a promising future. This means that you can use windows 8 at any system you please including desktop to tablets, however, the its real charm can be experienced when you move around the tile interface by playing games, launching the charms bar in any touch-screen based devices.

3. Everything becomes fast with windows 8

Talking about the performance feature of this firebrand operating system, it seems to be way ahead than its predecessors. The memory has decreased as you can see the booting happening in just eight seconds flashing the metro UI instantly. The Hyper-V and USB 3.0 gets a support from windows 8, which makes this OS pretty sleek unlike what you see in the operating systems iOS and Mac OS X Lion. Certainly, the features like lightning speed and quick loading of applications is an important element of Windows 8.

4. The Windows App Store

Windows 8 would encompass App Store, the same feature which you see in the Apple’s devices better known to rock the tech ecosystem making the users crazy about it. This gives enough room for the developers and app programmers to write interesting programs for windows 8. Hence with App Store, Microsoft is likely to hit Apple’s unique area of expertise.

With Windows 8, Microsoft is seen giving a bold and clear message that it is known for innovation and does not stick to any Stone Age technology. In the coming future the idea of mobile computing is going to dominate the world. The desktops and laptops would soon become obsolete or will have a limited use. At such point of time, when users are looking out for smaller devices like tablets and smartphones, Windows 8 with these key features are going to rule these smaller machines.

Kate is a writer & blogger by profession. So far, she has written on cellphones, décor, locks, kitchen appliances, radio, weather clock and lamps. These days she is busy in writing an article on Wedding décor for her blog.

How Students Look to Microsoft to Excel in School

Many younger students have never experienced a formal education without Microsoft, and probably can’t image what academic life would be like without the helpful tools provided by the company. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if most students haven’t even considered what they might do if that reassuring blue “W” and dependable red “P” weren’t eternally present on their computer desktops. For students all over the country and even all over the world, the sudden disappearance of Microsoft learning tools would be a manifestation of their worst virtual nightmares.

Life Without Microsoft

Let’s picture a sort of post-apocalyptic world where students don’t have access to Microsoft tools for their educational endeavors. Term papers would be written by hand and full of spelling errors, numerical data would be scattered on a page without interpretive graphs and user-friendly charts, and presentations would consist of nothing but an over sized notepad, an easel, and a big black marker. Students would spend hours composing sub-par assignments without spell check and editing tools to guide them. MLA and APA formatting would become even more frustrating and meticulous. Instructors would spend hours grading assignments, and the academic world as we know it would be in utter chaos.

Life With Microsoft

Fortunately, today’s students don’t have to live in world where Microsoft doesn’t exist. From the classic Word application to newer innovations like OneNote, students everywhere can count on Microsoft to be right by their sides from the first day of school to graduation. When a big paper is due, students simply turn to Microsoft Word to write, organize, edit and format information all in one convenient and user-friendly place. When a class assignment calls for a presentation complete with graphs and quirky slide transitions, PowerPoint is at your service to make even the most complex concepts easy to understand. Need a more convenient way to take notes in class and during reading sessions? Turn to OneNote for a smarter solution.

Microsoft isn’t just about helping students perform better in school, but can also improve their social lives as well. The company’s Live Messenger app for Facebook was downloaded by 22 million smartphone owners in 2011, and still maintains tremendous popularity today. With all of the helpful educational tools Microsoft offers to college students, students may even have extra time for a social life, too!

Lindsey Harper Mac is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts covering social media and education on behalf of Colorado Technical University. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Direct Download Links

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has just been released. It was presented in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The last time Windows 8 Developer Preview was released, it was downloaded at an exponential rate in the beginning and more than 500,000 copies of Windows 8 were downloaded in the first 24 hours of launch. Windows 8 Consumer Preview will likely break that record as so many people want to get their hands on this new Operating System especially when it is totally free of cost.

We are providing the direct download links to Windows 8 Consumer Preview below:


64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) Sha 1 hash — 1288519C5035BCAC83CBFA23A33038CCF5522749

32-bit (x86) Download (2.5 GB) Sha 1 hash — E91ED665B01A46F4344C36D9D88C8BF78E9A1B39

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

Chinese (Simplified)

64-bit (x64) Download (3.4 GB) Sha 1 hash — DF69B851F9A81DECBB16648CC452461894416EB0

32-bit (x86) Download (2.6 GB) Sha 1 hash — E29A2072745A48C14A1C2E5A61F5230841BEDB45

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J


64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) Sha 1 hash — A9358E6799ABEEF29EDBA054AD34849C02C7F51F

32-bit (x86) Download (2.5 GB) Sha 1 hash — 2EF8013B9F50B93AEAC8068F4827E2C1DC0DC0B1

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J


64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) Sha 1 hash — DB1003A47C266697B3832BE2A23319988EE34495

32-bit (x86) Download (2.5 GB) Sha 1 hash — 91075AEA665C5D6F42A24714B3A3390762C94457

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J


64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) Sha 1 hash — A8F0DB12CAECEA0BE8B27EA124F2234212D9103A

32-bit (x86) Download (2.5 GB) Sha 1 hash — C8A322ED86058086207CAAECD46B4DDACF9E247A

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

Links courtesy: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Technize.net)

The Missing Lync of Office Professional Plus 2010

Upon setting out to evaluate Microsoft Lync as a communicator, the first thing needed was a copy of Lync 2010. Surely then I could feed in my Microsoft ID and I would connect to the marvellous world of Microsoft Lync, also known as ‘not Messenger’.

Not Shipping with Professional Plus 2010

The first hurdle I discovered was that apparently I already had Lync, yet I didn’t have Lync. Office 365’s website clearly states that if I have Office 2010 Professional Plus installed, Lync will be included.

This was not the case, so I pushed forwards and installed Lync as a standalone on the two computers being used in the office. Note, both had Office 2010 Pro Plus installed, but did not have Lync on them. They were up to the latest service packs and there was no Lync option in the install features. Upon installing Lync, I was certain that the domain SIP services were correctly referenced, so I tried to start up Lync.

Starts off with a dead server

Didn’t ask for a password, and I couldn’t sign in.

So off to the backoffice we go, to see what is happening with the magical Lync services of Microsoft. Cannot sign in still. Eventually I go to check the settings some more, but don’t actually change anything and it starts working. Must have been down when I was trying to connect.

So finally I get in there, and learn some of the features.

Apparently Domains can be Federated now

It’s very much like Microsoft Messenger, the main difference being that Lync has a few nicer plugins. Another thing to be wary of, if you are using the Office365 Lync system, then there exists and option called ‘Domain Federation’. No, this doesn’t mean your domain is about to become a country. Presumably it’s the best word Microsoft could find to put in place of ‘Do you want Lync in your domain to talk to other domains?’

From that option, there’s a whitelist option, a blacklist option and an option to just shut yourself and your company away from the entire world. FYI, the ‘I want to shut myself away from the entire world’ option is the one that the people at Redmond decided would be the best  default option for most businesses, just another thing to keep you on your toes when setting this up.


One of the coolest features of Lync is the on board chat analyser, it’s not really necessary for a computer to tell you how much trust another person has of you, but it’s certainly nice to be reassured that a relationship is a good one.

This piece on technology is brought to you by Ryan, a writer and technician for one of the finest accounting firms in Perth.