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10 Essential Free SEO WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging and WordPress plugins are there for spam control, SEO, photo galleries and many more features. Any website is incomplete without SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the most obvious way by which a website can be made popular. There are a number of SEO WordPress plugins available for this purpose. There are certain plugins that will allow you to attach videos and photos to the site. There are more than 10 SEO plugins available online but we focus on the best 10.

1) All in One SEO Pack

This plugin helps to optimize the WordPress Blog for Search Engines. It has some really good features that make it unique. This is a great tool for the beginners as it works without any complex configuration. You just need to install it and the job is done. It helps to avoid the duplicate content that is typically found on WordPress blogs. The All in One SEO Pack is the only plugin that supports full SEO integration for WP e-Commerce websites.

2) SEO Smart Links

It is a unique WordPress plugin that appreciates the SEO quotient of the blog and allows you to specify certain custom keywords that will be linked to any website. This helps to increase your search engine rankings. This plugin is usually used by casual bloggers and Internet marketers. The plugin also allows the user to handle affiliate links and other advanced options.

3) Super Tags

The Super Tags plugin is the most sought after for its customizable features. The widget is very helpful and it enables one to fully customize a number of Tag Clouds according to the specific needs.

4) Platinum SEO Pack

The Platinum SEO Pack is a complete SEO solution for the WordPress blog. It may look similar to one or two other SEO plugins but this one is packed with more features. With this plugin you can change your permalinks without any fear of a loss of page rank or Google penalty. It also generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically.

5) Google Sitemaps Generator

This plugin will generate sitemap of the WordPress blog that is fully compatible with the XML. The format is also supported by some of the leading search engines like Google and MSN Search. This plugin can help you to get indexed by the search engines that can be found at search engine watch blog.

6) SEO Ultimate

The SEO ultimate pack will give you total control over title tags, rich snippets, 404 errors, auto links and Meta tags. With the help of this plugin you can customize the homepage tag and format the tag of posts, pages and categories. You are also allowed to post titles at the beginning of the tag for an improved keyword SEO.

7) Greg’s High Performance SEO

The Greg’s High Performance SEO has more than 100 on-page SEO characteristics. This plugin is good for anyone who wants to help the search engines find their stuff. It is used by professional marketers and by anyone who wants a living by the web but may not suit the developers. It also includes a detailed usage guide that spreads over 5000 words and gives an introduction to WordPress SEO.

8) SEO Tools by SEO-Automatic

This plugin has some great SEO tools that will truly benefit your website. The ‘URL Checker’ is one of them which allow the users to run URL reviews for common search ranking factors like Title Tag and Description Tag. The ‘Keyword List Multiplier; is another in-built tool that allows the site visitors to create a combination of keyword lists.

9) Scribe SEO

Scribe SEO is one of the better content optimization tools available on the internet. It has the capacity to analyze web pages and online press releases. Scribe instructs the web writers on how to tweak the content to get more search engine traffic but at the same time strives to maintain a reader-specific content.

10) SEO Data Transporter

The plugin helps you to transfer your input SEO data from one theme to another. It is a well known fact that switching themes or dumping plugin are really difficult. The problem lies in the fact that themes and plugin store their input SEO in a different manner. However, SEO Data Transporter takes care of all these things. Just choose the platform from which you are moving away and the platform to which you are moving. Click on ‘analyze’ to check the compatibility of the records and elements and then click on ‘convert’ to make the conversion. It is that easy now.

Every web writer or blogger may not find all SEO packs useful. But these 10 are highly rated in the industry and we believe that if you are to pick and choose SEO packs then you can very well pick it from here.

Guest post by Diana Maria who is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on bicycle generator attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on diabetes type 1.

5 Major Reasons to Use Windows Live Writer For Blog Posting

Windows Live Writer is the right thing to choose for all the bloggers out there. Blogging has now become an essential part of life of several writers. Through their blogs, they are able to express themselves. This eventually brings loads of writing opportunities for them. Before moving further, we would like to explain you a little about Windows Live Writer.

What is Windows Live Writer?

Windows Live Writer, also written as WLW, is software that allows us to make posts to our blogs simply from our desktop. The post editor of this software is easy to use and simple. Here you will find out ten reasons to use Windows Live Writer for posting blogs.

Images and videos can be uploaded easily

The two top reasons for using Windows Live Writer are that images and videos can be uploaded very easily. One can make his or her pictures look good by using various borders, effects and watermarks. One can easily view some of the sample pictures on internet where they are presented having several effects. Similarly videos can also be uploaded easily. Using Windows Live writer, one can post his or her video files to soapbox and YouTube. The existing YouTube videos can be embedded on your blog posts.

Enjoy Offline editing and availability of plug-ins

If you have worked as a professional blogger then you must have seen how important is offline editing to them. Windows Live Writer provides offline editing to all its users. You can enjoy live preview of feature. The fourth reason to use Windows Live Writer for posting blogs is the availability of various kinds of plug-ins. Plug-ins that match the needs of the users, can be used instantly.

Multiple posts making and use of code plug-in and table plug-in

Top fifth reason to use Windows Live writer for blog posting is multiple posts making. Yes, it is very easy to use different copies of this software. This allows the bloggers to make posts in multiple ways. Use of Code plug-ins and Table Plug-ins is the sixth important reason to use Windows Live Writer. The plug-ins allows the bloggers to insert codes and tables in their blogs.

Enjoy options for the Hyper Links and edit old postings

While using Windows Live Writer, the bloggers can give various titles to each link of this software. The bloggers can also edit their old postings and can create new ones using this software.

Save and open drafts online and publish them when you need

The two best reasons for using Windows Live Writer is to save and open your drafts online and you can publish your postings easily. One can find several issues related to Windows Live Writer use. Using this software, you can deny or allow pings, you can add tags and you can even add a summary. Publish your posts when ever you feel like, else save them as a draft only and publish later on.

Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer. She has written many articles on IT Certifications. She is a certified professional and happy to highlight the importance of Apple Certifications. She recommends Test4Prep for exam preparation.

Simplify Your Social Life with the Top Five Best Social Media Apps for the Tablet

If you’re one of those people who get a rush of separation anxiety every time you log out of Facebook, then having all the best social media apps on your tablet is crucial for staying in touch no matter where you go or what device you’re using. Social media apps help connect you with the world in a more convenient and efficient manner than accessing each website from your laptop.

To make sure your tablet is equipped with all of the best tools for keeping in touch, consider the following list of top five must-have social media apps for tablets:

1. imo

For those who tend to gravitate toward the chat feature of every social media site, imo is the perfect choice for integrating all of your conversations into one convenient platform. With this app, users can simultaneously log into Facebook Chat, MSN Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, Skype, Jabber, MySpace and more to share the latest gossip and exchange notes about an academic assignment or personal project. The best part? imo is 100 percent free to download and use, so you can take full advantage of chatting convenience without compromising your budget.

2. Facebook

No tablet app collection would be complete without the social networking staple of Facebook. When tablets first came onto the tech scene, Facebook claimed that the site didn’t need an app, and would be best experienced through a Safari web browser. Clearly, they changed their minds. The Facebook app is now available for essentially any tablet device, with an easy to navigate and customizable interface for optimal browsing convenience. With some of the latest versions of the app, you can even click on the “Nearby” feature to view a Google maps page pinpointing the whereabouts of all your friends on a world map.

3. Trendster HD

Twitter enthusiasts will love this user-friendly new app, which allows you to keep up with the latest Twitter trends whether you actually have your own Twitter account or not. Trendster HD not only lists the most recent trending topics on Twitter, but also offers an explanation in the form of a sample collection of tweets and a quick definition and overview of the subject. If the subject is particularly interesting to you, you can even click the “learn more” tab to receive a more detailed understanding of what everyone is talking about. Trendster HD lets you filter by location, so you can keep up with what your peers are talking about a little closer to home.

4. Skype

If you’re looking for more intimacy from your tablet social life, Skype provides the face-to-face interaction you crave while you’re on the go. When opening the app, the screen automatically splits in two—with your contacts list located neatly on the left and your conversation window on the right. However, when conducting a video call, these features clear the area so you can enjoy a clear, full-screen view of your chatting partner. Since Skype for tablets is 3G compatible, it offers a clearer and larger image than alternatives like FaceTime.

5. GetGlue

Feel like a wine and movie night but aren’t sure which one to choose? There’s an app for that. The GetGlue app for tablets allows users to share their choices for movies, TV shows, books, music, games, wine and more, so you can get a quick, friend-approved entertainment fix after a long and stressful day. Convenient search and share features allow you to find your entertainment of choice, post it for all of your friends to see, and receive recommendations to plan ahead for your next relaxing evening.

Social media apps for tablets provide users with an ideal range of interaction capabilities in between computer and phone usage. With a bigger screen than your phone without the bulk of your laptop, tablet social media apps ensure a convenient and high-quality socializing experience.

Lindsey Harper Mac is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts covering social media and education on behalf of Colorado Technical University. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.

Top 8 Social Media Extensions For Google Chrome

Google Chrome is pulling out all stops to become the most preferred browser ever, going by the range and usefulness of its extensions. Google knows where and how to pitch the winning throw. Social Media! What could possibly be dearer to the heart of the social networker than beautifully executed and useful social media extensions from Google Chrome? Check out the top 10 here and you’ll agree with us.

154 Blue Chrome Rain Social Media Icons

Google Chrome Share Button

Here’s a cool way to share webpages through your email, blogs and social networks. All you do is click the Google Chrome Share Button and from the drop-down menu, select the service you want. You’ll find all your used services at the top of the drop-down menu. Click the View more services option at the bottom of the Options menu to locate and view additional services.


Since TweetMeme’s ‘Retweet’ buttons are already everywhere, why do you need the TweetMeme extension as well? It’s like this; more than 175,000 websites have installed TweetMeme’s Retweet button. Still, there’s no guarantee that the button will be available just when you’re ready to share that hot link! What you do is install the TweetMeme Button Chrome Extension along, which ensures that wherever you go, a mini TweetMeme Retweet Button follows you, right in your Chrome toolbar.

The Google +1 Button

Once you install the Google +1 button, you can publicly +1 any page you visit, thereby declaring that the page is worth checking out. Google +1 helps your contacts to find the best stuff online. After you click +1, use the “Share on Google+" option to comment and discuss the website you’re sharing with a chosen circle. You can even store and manage all your +1’s in a new Google profile tab, accessible from https://profiles.google.com.


Use the AddThis Google Chrome Extension to share, print, translate and bookmark pages. Keep your pals on Twitter, Facebook and 300 other services updated on your web activities with one click. Here’s the best part; you can start small and then customize AddThis so it becomes everything you want in a sharing tool. All you do when you visit a page is, just right click and select AddThis from that webpage’s right click context menu.

Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync

Yes, you can already store your bookmarked URLs in the Google Chrome bookmark bar. So what’s the big deal? Just that this great extension gives you another bookmark bar in which you can actually create named folders and group all your bookmarked URLs! You can also copy the URLs from your Delicious Bookmark Bar to your Google Chrome Bookmark bar and vice versa, folder by folder.

goo.gl URL Shortener

Some URLs are so big at times that if you’re sharing them on a micro-blogging service, you will exceed the max character link without typing a single additional word! You absolutely need this extension if you like sharing links on your social media profiles or blogs. The goo.gl URL Shortener extension takes any link and converts it into a simple, easy to forward link for your email, blogs, and social media sites.

Fittr Flickr

This Google Chrome Extension adds great keyboard shortcuts, allows you to copy short Flic.kr URL to clipboard, tag pictures as ‘autocomplete’, allows quick access to EXIF data and much more. Flickr fans love this extension as it allows them to customer EXIF quick fields. When you use this extension, if you’re viewing a Flickr image outside of Flickr, you can quickly get back to the main picture page on Flickr.


If you hate Ads (honestly, does anyone love them?), then you got to get hold of this cool Chrome Extension. It’s a free extension, and helps you block Ads that are recorded in a website’s database. Best of all, you can watch your YouTube videos and check messages on Facebook without being bothered by Ads if you use this extension. Want to make sure that a site is Ad free when you visit it? Just Click "Add to Chrome," from the context menu on your fav sites and get them added to the Adblock filter!

My Shortcuts

You can add custom URLs to your My Shortcuts to gain quick access to blogs or social profiles. My Shortcuts offers you instant access to your Google Contacts, Buzz, Gmail, Docs, Reader, Voice, Tasks and a host of other services. You can also quickly create a new event, email, presentation or spreadsheet using this extension.


Have multiple Google accounts such as Gmail, Google Analytics, Blogger, Picassa, and YouTube and so on? You need one tool to access them all smoothly. Get Symtica extension and make your social media and blogging tasks simpler. It’s a great tool for the busy blogger who has to interface with multiple accounts. Access to your AdSense and AdWords accounts will be implanted to Symtica soon.

This article is written by Dean from landing page optimization company Invesp. Invesp also offers free landing page templates that are easy to use and tested for high conversion rates.

Download Google Chrome 13 Stable With Instant Pages Feature

The stable version of Google Chrome 13 has finally been released today. There are a few new features included in Chrome 13. I have already mentioned some of the features in my previous article about Chrome 13 beta. Let’s take a look at the major features of Google Chrome 13.

Instant Pages

Instant Pages feature enables pre-rendering of the top results from Google search. Since the click through rate (CTR) of the top results in Google search are pretty high, you are most likely to click on the results. And to save time, Chrome 13 starts pre-rendering the links even before you click on the result. This will open the webpage almost instantly when clicked.

If you are worried about the bandwidth usage of Google Chrome due to Instant Pages feature, you can easily disable the Instant Pages feature by going to chrome://settings/advanced and unchecking “Predict network actions to improve page load performance

Chrome Instant Pages feature

Print Previews and Print to PDF

Another feature added to Google Chrome 13 is print previews and print to PDF functionality. When you click on the Print button, you will be taken to the print preview and then you can print whatever you want to. The built-in PDF viewer needs to be enabled in order to print to PDF. To enable the built-in PDF viewer, go to chrome://plugins/ and enable the plugin Chrome PDF Viewer.

Chrome PDF Viewer

If you have already installed Google Chrome, you can get the latest stable version by going to About Google Chrome and updating to the latest version. If you want to download Google Chrome 13 manually, you can go to the following URL:

Download Google Chrome 13 Stable [Full offline installer]

[Via Technize.net]

Portable Firefox Backup Software

We have already talked about how to backup the user profiles in Firefox manually without using any software. There are a lot of software which will automate the process of Firefox backups very easy but I have yet to find a software which is portable and offers all the functions of other backup software. Today while browsing the Internet I have found out a command line software which is portable and can backup all the Firefox profiles.

The people who tend to move between one computer to another or reinstall their Operating System frequently have to take care that all their browsing data including their favorites, history, addons etc. are transferred to the new Operating System so that they can browse the Internet without any problems.

Backup Firefox batch script

Backup Firefox is a simple batch script for backing up full Firefox profile folder which will contain all the profiles of all the users. You will need to place the batch file in a folder where you want to backup the profiles. Since Backup Firefox is a simple batch script which runs from command line, you’ll need to run the file as administrator in order for it to function properly.

Run Backup Firefox script, press any key to continue and it’ll start backup up the profile. In the new version of Backup Firefox, the default backup location is Desktop or you can also specify the backup location when you start Backup Firefox.

Backup Firefox does not offer any facility to restore the backup so you’ll have to restore it manually. While Backup Firefox is not the perfect backup utility, it can be handy because of its speed and portability.

Download Backup Firefox

Download uTorrent 3.0 Final Version With File Sharing And Streaming Options

uTorrent 3.0 Final has been released. I have updated my uTorrent 3 beta and no problems have been encountered ever since. The beta of uTorrent 3 was a long process which finally came to an end.

uTorrent 3.0 stable comes out with lots of improvements and new features. We have already discussed a few features in uTorrent 3 beta article. The streaming feature was not working in the beta but it has finally started working in the stable release. Here are some of the highlights of uTorrent 3.0 stable version:

  • µTorrent Web for zero-conf, secure remote access

  • Torrent Ratings

  • Drop files to send

  • Streaming

  • Webseeding fixes

  • Portable mode

  • Simplified view

  • The most notable feature that I like is the file sharing feature. You can drop the files to uTorrent drop box and easily share the file with anyone on the Internet without uploading it anywhere on the Internet. The file will be seeded through your computer.

    uTorrent 3 also includes a remote management feature in which you can access your uTorrent from anywhere on the Internet through a web console. The web console can be access from here.
    One feature that’s still in beta is uChat. With uChat you can chat with other uTorrent users around the world which will be a big improvement and will promote community based ‘social torrenting’.
    In the stable version you’ll need to enable Video streaming. It is disabled by default. To enable video streaming go to Options –> Preferences –> Streaming.
    Here you can adjust different streaming settings including the default media player, buffering etc.

Download uTorrent 3.0 for Windows

Download uTorrent 3.0 for Mac

Download uTorrent 3.0 for Linux

Download uTorrent 3.0 portable


Firefox 5 Portable–Take Your Firefox Browser Anywhere In A USB Drive

Firefox 5 has been released only a few days ago and I have already written about a problem while upgrading Firefox 5. There are a lot of addons that are incompatible with Firefox 5 while they work fine with Firefox 4. In this situation, if you want to run both Firefox 4 and Firefox 5 in your computer, it will be impossible to install both of them.

Firefox 5 portable

The simple solution for this kind of problem is having a portable edition of the browser, Firefox 5 portable. Install it once in a single folder and then take the folder anywhere you want. Firefox will run with all your settings preserved. Working with the portable browser is the same as the installed version. You can install the plugins and addons and they will be installed in the same installation folder enabling you to take the folder with all the files and settings anywhere you want.

Firefox 5 portable comes with the same features as in installed Firefox 5 but it is not an official release. It has been released by Portableapps.com

Download Firefox 5 Portable

Firefox 5 Portable (14.7 MiB, 1,047 hits)

Firefox 5 Software Update Error

In this article we will discuss the Firefox 5 software update error when upgrading from Firefox 4 to Firefox 5. I have already written about the new release of Firefox 5. I was waiting for automatic update of Firefox 5 to be available and today I got the notification that there is a new version of Firefox available and that it is strongly recommended that I upgrade to the latest version. I accepted it and the download started. At the end of the download Firefox needed to restart itself in order for the update to be applied.

I restarted Firefox but it gave the following error:

Software Update Failed

The update could not be installed. Please make sure there are no other copies of Firefox running on your computer, and then restart Firefox to try again.

I restarted Firefox many time but to no avail. I also tried to restart the computer but the same error prevailed.

Firefox 5 update error

I have finally come up with a solution to this problem. This problem will come on systems running Windows Vista and Windows 7 with UAC (User Account Control) enabled.

Actually Firefox needs administrative privileges in order to install itself in the default installation directory. There are two solutions to this problem.

1- Run As Administrator

Once you have downloaded the new Firefox 5 and upgraded it and you’re getting the same error as above, you should go to the Start Menu, right click Firefox item and select Run As Administrator. This will immediately trigger the upgrade process and the installation of Firefox 5 will be completed successfully.

Firefox update

2- Change the Installation Folder

This method is suitable for those who are running a clean install of Firefox 5 and not upgrading. You should change the installation folder from the default C:\\Program Files to a folder in any other drive other than C:\\. The installation will complete successfully without running Firefox as administrator.

Google Chrome 14 Beta Available For Download

The rapid development of Google Chrome browser continues as Google Chrome 14 Beta has been made available for download. The new major version of Google Chrome comes with new exciting features including the new Google.com’s Instant Pages feature.

Google.com’s Instant Pages feature is powered by Google’s pre-rendering technology which helps to load a webpage almost instantly. The Instant Pages feature is enabled by default on Google’s site. So if you click on any search result from Google, it will be opened instantly without any load time. The same technology can be used for other sites as it has been integrated in Google Chrome as a standard.

The following video shows how fast it is when searching with Instant Pages feature enabled:


Download the latest version of Google 14 Beta