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How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages and Outlook.com Emails?

Exchanging messages has become so popular today! Whether you use the Facebook Messenger or Twitter, it is all about messages. But still to-date Email is so popular that Microsoft started convert of Hotmail account to Outlook.com. Gmail and Yahoo are still going great guns! But sometimes things can go wrong when you are working with a pc/laptop/smartphone and it necessarily need not be your fault.

Emails can be deleted on purpose or by chance. For example your ex-girlfriend, colleague or enemy can gain access to your Gmail account and delete all your emails. Sometimes hackers can intrude into your email system and create havoc with your data.

How to Retrieve Deleted Gmail Messages?

If you have created regular Gmail backups you can recover deleted Gmail messages right from Gmail’s web interface. But somehow if you are lazy like me and have no mail backups, you can still recover the lost data provided you meet the following two conditions.

  • Mails have not been deleted from the Gmail trash
  • Less than 30 days have passed since the deletion

All the deleted Gmail messages will be in “Trash" folder until you manually purge them or for a time period of 30 days. To check whether you Gmail messages are in your “Trash" folder, complete the following:

1. Go To your Gmail account and Sign-in.

2. Locate the “Trash" folder on the left side bar. This generally will be below the “Spam" folder.

3. There is also a short-cut to reach this folder. Type “in:trash" in Gmail search and there you are:


From the email messages available in the “Trash" folder you can select your wanted mails and move them to “Inbox" or any other folder of your choice. You generally need to click the drop-down menu to reach the “Inbox" or any other folder.

If you haven’t found your deleted Gmail messages here, you can post a support request on the official Gmail forum as a last resort.

How to Restore Deleted Outlook.com Emails?

Just like in Gmail, if you have deleted important emails in your Outlook.com email service you can restore them without any hassle.


1. Login to your Outlook.com service.

2. In the left sidebar/pane of the Outlook.com home screen, you will see a “Deleted" folder. It’s just like the “Trash" folder in Gmail.

3. You can do similar tasks as you have done in Gmail “Trash" folder here.


As you can observe all the deleted messages are stored in this folder. Just select the email you want to un-delete and click the drop-down on “Move to" tab and choose Inbox. Your deleted message will be back in your Inbox.

But there is one more advantage compared to Gmail in Outlook.com. Suppose you have even deleted all the messages in the Deleted folder too, you can still restore them back. This possibility is not available in Gmail. You just have to put a support request in one of the product forms of “Google".


Just, click on the “recover deleted messages" present at the bottom on the right side pane of the Deleted folder. Hooray! Outlook.com will try to restore all your deleted messages. Once they are back in your Deleted folder, you just have to move your wanted mails to Inbox as we mentioned before.


You will see the above message at the bottom of the retrieved deleted messages, once they are restored. “We brought back every message we could. Please move anything you want to keep since the Deleted folder is emptied periodically. …"

As you observed in Gmail and Outlook.com it’s very easy to get back your deleted messages if you are on a high alert. Sometimes they get deleted permanently and the only chance to restore them back is using support forums and sending a request to the Email service.

Guest post by Karri Avinash who is a Microsoft enthusiast with latest tech trendy articles on his blog. He supports his Uncle Palla Ramarao in writing reviews about Windows products like Windows 8, Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 folder Sync, Outlook.com, Windows 7 and Surface tablet. Palla Ramarao, the main writer is a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time.

Virgin Media Launches New Spotify App With Streaming Music Services

In October last year Virgin Media teamed up with Spotify to bring customers streamed music services to their mobiles and on TiVo, and now this has been taken to another level with the launch of a new app which brings music fans the very latest album reviews and playlists expertly assembled by Virgin Media’s music editorial team.

The new app is available from the Spotify app finder at open.spotify.com/app/virginmedia, and is freely available to both customers and non-customers of Virgin Media.

The app allows users to download the very latest reviews and playlists from well known artists such and events such as the Virgin sponsored V Festival along with many others. With just a few of the major festivals yet to run, such as Reading, Leeds and the Bestival on the Isle of White, music fans will soon be facing festival nostalgia, but with this app they can easily relive their fondest 2012 festival memories.

Spotify gives users unrestricted access to a huge online music library that with many millions of tracks and albums; in total there are over 18 million tracks that music fans are able to access whenever and wherever they wish. The partnership between Virgin Media and Spotify means that Virgin Media customers can access Spotify on their televisions via the Virgin Media TiVo Service.

Since last October, Virgin Media customers have been able to enjoy three to six months inclusive Spotify Premium as part of selected broadband or mobile services as a result of the two companies’ pioneering partnership. In November, Virgin Media launched an exclusive Spotify service for its next generation TiVo service, giving customers the ability to enjoy their favourite party playlists straight through their TVs and home cinema systems. As a result of the Virgin Media and Spotify partnership customers are able to enjoy up to six months access to premium Spotify services.

The partnership has proven to be highly successful and the huge base of music fans amongst Virgin Media customers have enjoyed the latest tracks and albums from their favourite artists online, through TiVo and on mobile. The new app brings even more content and the very latest information and reviews on what is happening in today’s music scene as assembled by the Virgin Media music editorial team.

The Virgin media Spotify partnership is the only service in the UK to provide Spotify in combination with broadband and TV through its TiVo television service. Virgin Media customers can also stream Spotify services to their mobiles via 3G/HSDPA.

This article was brought to you by Virgin Media Broadband UK.

Simplify Your Social Life with the Top Five Best Social Media Apps for the Tablet

If you’re one of those people who get a rush of separation anxiety every time you log out of Facebook, then having all the best social media apps on your tablet is crucial for staying in touch no matter where you go or what device you’re using. Social media apps help connect you with the world in a more convenient and efficient manner than accessing each website from your laptop.

To make sure your tablet is equipped with all of the best tools for keeping in touch, consider the following list of top five must-have social media apps for tablets:

1. imo

For those who tend to gravitate toward the chat feature of every social media site, imo is the perfect choice for integrating all of your conversations into one convenient platform. With this app, users can simultaneously log into Facebook Chat, MSN Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, Skype, Jabber, MySpace and more to share the latest gossip and exchange notes about an academic assignment or personal project. The best part? imo is 100 percent free to download and use, so you can take full advantage of chatting convenience without compromising your budget.

2. Facebook

No tablet app collection would be complete without the social networking staple of Facebook. When tablets first came onto the tech scene, Facebook claimed that the site didn’t need an app, and would be best experienced through a Safari web browser. Clearly, they changed their minds. The Facebook app is now available for essentially any tablet device, with an easy to navigate and customizable interface for optimal browsing convenience. With some of the latest versions of the app, you can even click on the “Nearby” feature to view a Google maps page pinpointing the whereabouts of all your friends on a world map.

3. Trendster HD

Twitter enthusiasts will love this user-friendly new app, which allows you to keep up with the latest Twitter trends whether you actually have your own Twitter account or not. Trendster HD not only lists the most recent trending topics on Twitter, but also offers an explanation in the form of a sample collection of tweets and a quick definition and overview of the subject. If the subject is particularly interesting to you, you can even click the “learn more” tab to receive a more detailed understanding of what everyone is talking about. Trendster HD lets you filter by location, so you can keep up with what your peers are talking about a little closer to home.

4. Skype

If you’re looking for more intimacy from your tablet social life, Skype provides the face-to-face interaction you crave while you’re on the go. When opening the app, the screen automatically splits in two—with your contacts list located neatly on the left and your conversation window on the right. However, when conducting a video call, these features clear the area so you can enjoy a clear, full-screen view of your chatting partner. Since Skype for tablets is 3G compatible, it offers a clearer and larger image than alternatives like FaceTime.

5. GetGlue

Feel like a wine and movie night but aren’t sure which one to choose? There’s an app for that. The GetGlue app for tablets allows users to share their choices for movies, TV shows, books, music, games, wine and more, so you can get a quick, friend-approved entertainment fix after a long and stressful day. Convenient search and share features allow you to find your entertainment of choice, post it for all of your friends to see, and receive recommendations to plan ahead for your next relaxing evening.

Social media apps for tablets provide users with an ideal range of interaction capabilities in between computer and phone usage. With a bigger screen than your phone without the bulk of your laptop, tablet social media apps ensure a convenient and high-quality socializing experience.

Lindsey Harper Mac is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts covering social media and education on behalf of Colorado Technical University. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.

New Gmail Design Changes Coming Soon

The new Gmail Inbox design

The look and feel of Gmail, Google’s popular free email service, will be revamped. This is according to a video mistakenly posted on the Gmail’s Youtube channel. Some of the new features of Gmail as highlighted in the video are as under:

Dynamic resizing

After the new update, Gmail will be able to adjust according to the browser size. All the sidebars including the labels and chat areas will be adjustable by the user.

High definition themes

High definition themes will be available in the new version of Gmail. High definition themes will offer hi-res images.

Redesigned conversation view

The email conversation view will be redesigned and will be made similar to social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. The new redesigned conversation view will be easier to use and will increase readability.

Easier advanced search

If we have to do an advanced search in the current version of Gmail, we have to go to advanced search and use advanced search operators in order to search for specific items. With the new search, the user will automatically see targeted search features along with normal search queries.

What do you think about this new version of Gmail? I hope this is a step which will move email to the social web.

4 Reasons To Switch To A High Speed Internet Connection

Making use of the internet is a great experience that can save the user a lot of time and money. The internet is a world of treasure that only the smart ones can tap from the unending treasures in it as there are a lot of people wanting to make a living from the internet. But your experience on the internet can be very intimidating if you do not take good care about the type of internet connection you make use of. Using a dial up for instance will do you no good but delay you and give you a terrible experience while trying to browse the internet. The slowness of dial up internet has caused its users to be eluded of many important things on the internet.

Why do you need a high speed internet? High speed internet is a broadband type of internet connection that is more reliable and consistent than the dial up internet connection. The speed a high speed internet connection will deliver is 100 times faster than that of the dial up. This can make a smart user dig into the treasure of the internet and make good use of his time. There are still many more reasons you need a high speed internet and we shall be taking a look at some major ones among them in this post.

Faster and efficient work

Unlike a dial up internet, the broadband high speed internet connection can browse at the speed rate of 3 to 4 Mbps. This is not a slow connection speed considering that the dial up internet connection only browses at the maximum speed of 56 Kbps. When you use a high speed internet access what would have taken you hours to complete on the internet will only take you a few minutes. This means a lot of time would have been saved from what would have been wasted on the dial up internet connection.

Save money

High speed internet can help you save a lot more money than you can imagine. The high speed internet now has a type of unique method of payment that can help you reduce the way you spend your money on paying for internet browsing. There is what is called bundle data plan. The bundle plan is categorized into different forms to suit every type of internet user. You don’t need to fear that you’ll be paying too high a fee for your internet browsing. If you can afford to buy the expensive bundle data plan, you go for it and if it is the inexpensive one you can afford to buy, you are not left out.

Download and upload better

People who use the dial up internet do find it difficult to download attachments from their email messages and this is a very frustrating experience. It is very unthinkable to upload important documents and files to the internet with a dial up internet connection. Downloading and uploading has become realities with the high speed internet connection. With broadband high speed internet, you can save your important documents to the internet and download file from the internet as much as you want without entertaining any form fear.

Increased productivity

When talking about doing business online, you cannot be as productive as you want with a dial up internet connection. If you consider yourself highly productive and you are using a dial up internet connection, I can assure you that you can do almost hundred times better with a broadband high speed internet connection. Your productivity matters a lot in the type of result you can get from you online business. For increased productivity, you need a high speed internet. Switch to a better Internet connection today!

Guest article by Paul who writes for Broadband Expert on how to identify the best satellite internet providers.

The Most Provokative Video Ever Facebook Scam [Security Alert]

Facebook was easier to use and was secure enough in the beginning but not any more. You have to be very careful when clicking on links and messages from friends because you can be click-jacked by applications just by clicking on their links. They will in turn post a similar message to all your friends’ walls in your name. Since your friends trust you, they’ll click on the message and they’ll be treated likewise. In this way the click-jacking scams of Facebook spread like wild fire.

A similar scam is appearing on Facebook very recently reported by Facecrooks. Here’s the detail about the scam message:

The message will say something like this:

  • The most provokative video ever
  • The most provocative video ever
  • Monstrously Erotic Blonde

The most provocative video ever facebook scam

If you get a similar message on your wall, you’re advised not to click on the link because it will not actually take you to where it says. Instead, it will ask you to fill out a survey which you have to grant access in Facebook.

Facebook Scam message

How to avoid this Facebook scam?

To avoid these kinds of Facebook scams, you should always be careful about which links are you clicking on. You should even be careful when a friend shares a link with you. You should confirm with the friend whether he or she shared the link or it was done automatically.

If you come across these kinds of surveys and messages, you should always avoid clicking on the link given in the messages and never give access to any malware application or any app that you don’t recognize.

How to get rid of Facebook scam if you get infected?

If you have already clicked on the malware scam app, you should go to your recent notifications and delete all the messages that have been published to your friends walls. This is a manual process and takes time if you have many friends. Otherwise, you can install BitDefender Safego Facebook app which will automatically scan all your news feeds and wall posts and keep you safe from scams and other Facebook threats.

How To Get Solutions To Gmail Problems

Gmail is a popular email service from Google. Gmail, in fact, comes with a huge lot of other services like calendar, To do list, text chat, video chat, contacts organization etc. Since Google is providing all these services for free, the support for your problems with these service is limited. Here we will try to combine all the support options that Google provide and list all of them on one page for easy access.

Gmail Server Monitoring And Status

The first thing to check out if you’re unable to access Gmail or any other Google service is Google’s Apps status dashboard page. This page lists all the Google services and specifies if any service is down for any reason.

Gmail status

Gmail Help And Support

Gmail Help page is the first option to go for when looking for any problem or solution related to Google mail, Gmail. You can learn about a lot of features about Gmail account including creating a new account, deleting a Gmail account, signing in, Gmail settings and configuration, importing emails and contacts, managing contacts, ways to access Gmail account, ways to secure the Gmail account, messaging, chatting and phone calls in Gmail and common troubleshooting issues. You can get all this information through one Gmail help page.

Gmail Support Forums

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Gmail Help page, then you can go to Gmail Support Forums and ask for your specific problem in order to get help from the Google community. Google Employees also answer the problems on Gmail support forums. Discussion categories include POP and IMAP, Account Access, Composing and Sending Messages, Reading and Receiving Messages, Buzz and contacts, Managing Settings and Mail, Suspicious Messages and Scams, Coffee Shop for general discussion. You can choose a particular category related to your problem and post in that category by clicking on Post a question.


Last but not least, you can also get help from Gmail Twitter by sending a message @Gmail. You can also follow Gmail on Twitter or Facebook for latest news about Gmail.

I hope this articles combines all the ways to get support for Gmail. If there is any way that I have missed out, please let me know through comments.

Top Gmail Issues

Loginhelper has summarized a list of top issues and their solutions which can be very helpful to note down. Here’s the list of top issues of Gmail:

Forgot your Gmail password [Solution]
Cannot access Gmail account [Solution]
Account recovery checklist [Solution]
Google Mail loading issues [Solution]
The account has been compromised [Solution]

Dudmail: Create Free Disposable Email Address With Email Forwarding

One of the authors of Technize.com has already given a list of 25 disposable email services which can provide you with a free temporary email address so that your primary email address remains safe and secret from spammers.

Dudmail is another free disposable email service with an addition feature that it can also forward the email to your if any email is received to your temporary email inbox. Using Dudmail is even easier than any of the other disposable email services. You don’t even need to register for an account to use Dudmail.

So how does Dudmail work? It’s very simple. You only need to fill out the following URL:


where username is whatever you can think of, it’s all up to you. If I had to create a temporary email address like technize@dudmail.com, I could easily go to the following url without even registering or even opening my inbox. The following URL will directly open my inbox.


But to use the forwarding feature, you’ll need to register for a permanent account at Dudmail. Another problem with this service is that all the inboxes created are created as public meaning that if I have created an email address like the above one, anyone will be able to open the inbox but this is pretty fine because we usually don’t want to get sensitive or secret emails to any temporary inbox.

Fetch.io: Ultra Fast Torrent Downloads And Streaming

If you are a frequent torrent user and download torrents all the time then you would very well know that downloading torrents depends upon many factors including the speed of your internet connection, the speed of seeds and pears from where the torrent is being downloaded and the no. of seeds and peers allocated to you.

Fetch.io - ultra fast torrent downloads

The major factor in torrent downloads is the speed of the internet connection we have. If you want to download torrents at ultra fast speed, fetch.io is probably for you. Fetch.io is a new service which can download your torrents on their servers at an ultra fast speed and then you can download the torrents through HTTP instead of torrents. This is very convenient for people who don’t want their computers to be switched on all the time.

Using Fetch.io is very easy to use. You only need to copy and paste the URL of the torrent you want to download into the fetch.io box and then wait for fetch.io servers to download the torrent for you on their ultra fast servers and then choose how you want to access your file, either download via HTTP or stream it if it is a video. Fetch.io can automatically convert any video into Flash or MP4 formats. So streaming videos is pretty easy on your computer or on a smartphone device. The speed of fetching files through Fetch.io is typically 10MB/sec to 20MB/sec depending upon the maximum speed of the torrent.

As I specified earlier, Fetch.io is a new service and is still in beta. Users can signup with Fetch.io for free right now and each user gets 20GB of storage and 40GB of bandwidth per month which seems to be enough for average usage. You can signup with Fetch.io beta service and try out for yourself and see how fast you can download your torrents.

Facebook Login Approvals: Facebook Login With Additional Security

Google recently stepped up the security of their accounts by introducing two step login authentication. Two step authentication means that in addition to username and password, now Google will send an authorization code to your mobile number whenever you sign in to any Google account. This service is optional and can be enabled whenever you want to enable it.

Now Facebook has taken similar steps towards their account security and has introduced two step authentication like Google. This security has been called Facebook Login Approvals. In order to enable the security, login to your Facebook account, go to Accounts –> Account Settings –> Account Security

Account Security gives you an option to improve security of your Facebook account. The most important is Login Approvals.

Facebook Login Approvals

Upon checking the check box of Require me to enter security code upon login will take you to a popup which says the following:

What is login approvals?

Login approvals is a security feature that requires you to enter a code that we text to your phone when you log in from an unrecognized computer. You can enable this feature in a few simple steps.

If you ever lose access to your phone, you can always return to a previously-recognized computer to regain access to your account.

Note: You’ll need to have your mobile phone with you to complete this process.

If you have already specified a phone no. on your profile, that number will be used by default and the first 6 digit code will be sent as an sms. After entering the security code, you’ll be asked to enter your computer name so that you may be able to use Facebook on your computer without any restrictions. This will successfully enable the two step login security of Facebook for your account.

If you want to change your mobile number, you can just uncheck the checkbox of Facebook Login Approvals, change your phone no. in your profile and then follow the steps above to enable the Login Approvals security on your new phone number.