5 Best Driving Apps That Will Help You On The Roads

There is no point in denying the usefulness of smartphones in this age when they have only simplified the lives of many in practically all walks of life. Efficiency in all matters is what happens to be the high point of the current times. Thus, there are thousands of apps which are working towards getting(…)

Top 5 Android Malware and Theft Protection Apps

There is so much malware now everywhere that we just can’t leave our Android phones without any protection as we used to do several years ago. Fortunately, there are many good security apps for Android now, and they’ll protect your phone from viruses, different malware and even from being stolen or lost. Here are the(…)

Download IOS 4.3.5 – The Latest IOS 4 From Apple

iOS 4.3.5 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G has been released by Apple and is available for download. The new iOS 4.3.5 fixes some security issues that lead to the jailbreaking of iOS 4.3.4. The iOS4.3.5 jailbreak is not yet available on(…)

Can’t Text: Free Android App to Send Auto-Reply While Driving

Texting while driving is very dangerous, and still teens resort to it a lot. As soon as they get a text, they are tempted to reply back. This has led to many fatal accidents, but there hasn’t been a credible solution to this problem. Thankfully, here is a free Android app that might just solve(…)

Six Tips for Extending iPhone Battery Life

A guest article by Sachin from Powertraveller. For those who rely on their iPhone for business and work, extending the battery life of their phone can be an essential requirement rather than a source of mere inconvenience. Carrying an additional battery or using a solar battery charger are supplementary steps you can take to ensure(…)

Download Windows Phone 7 Theme For Windows 7

We have previously written about HTC Sense widget for Windows 7 which makes our Windows 7 desktop look alike of HTC Home screen. It also simulates the current weather on the desktop. Now the simulation of Windows Phone 7 for Windows 7 called Metro Home is also available.

Security Alert: First Android Trojan–How To Stay Safe

A new trojan has recently been discovered which is affecting the Android mobile Operating System. Android is an Open-Source mobile device Operating System and is gaining popularity day by day. Android is being used by many smartphone manufacturers. The Trojan named “Geinimi” is spreading in China as it’s affecting the Chinese third party marketplaces. Geinimi(…)

The Dual-Core LG P990 Star Leaked

The LG P990 by the LG which has been rumored since long has disclosed a bit of it little more. A latest leak revealed some more specs and design of this phone. The phone is supposed to have a dual-core processor of clock speed 1GHz making it a revolutionary phone for smartphone manufacturers. Some other(…)

Google Maps Initiated Offline Mode Along With 3D For Android

What else one should know about getting directions or finding address than Google Maps? Google Maps have been very handy when used in mobiles too. Google has continuously been working on updates and upgrades to its product. And now the new result is the offline mode in Google Maps for Android. There are some more(…)

Top 5 Free Must-Have Blackberry Apps For Kids

Some say that the Blackberry is a way of life. It is something that ties into everything you do, whether through communication, games or tools – designed specifically for the Blackberry platform. This way of life seeps into the lives of our kids as they love to model, learn and play with the things we(…)