Smart Virus Remover 2.0

Now Smart Virus Remover 2.0 is available for you to download. The good news is that it can now remove 50 viruses in total. The viruses it can remove

Amaze Your Friends With These Simple Windows Tricks

Trick1: An Indian discovered that nobody can create a folder with the name CON in Windows.. At Microsoft the whole Team couldn’t answer why this happened! Try yourself now. Try to create a new folder and rename it as “CON”. It will not accept the name and the previous name will appear again. I tried(…)

Saving Firefox Settings Bookmarks Themes And Extensions

For a long time i was wondering, how to save firefox settings,bookmarks,themes and extensions as always there are chances of windows reluctant to boot up,hard disk failure etc etc. and all of your firefox hard work can be gone in a flash.A lot of my friends recommended me different applications but i myself figured out(…)

Great Tips for Windows Vista

Windows Vista has revolutionized the ways how we interact with the computer. Many things has been changed significantly like the Start button which was used in previous Windows versions. A set of new cursors were also added, ( from windows 95 to windows xp the cursors were remained the same ). Note: In the Tips(…)

Get open with dialog when opening Windows drives?

Recently, I had been facing this problem on all the virus hit systems on one of my client’s network. The problem was that I was getting the “Open With” dialog every time I double clicked any drive in My Computer. I had to select Internet Explorer from Open With dialog to open the drives. One(…)