How To Remove Toolbars In Firefox Internet Explorer And Google Chrome

Many freeware and even shareware softwares nowadays come with bundled programs that get installed automatically without much knowledge to the user. Most of the non-techie users will find themselves in trouble once these bundled programs are installed and get into the way of the work being done on the computer. One such hindrance is from(…)

Fix Firefox Memory Problems With Memory Fox

As we all know that Firefox is a memory hog. It takes a huge amount of memory. If you run Firefox for a day or two without closing it, it will take huge amounts of memory in order to run and the system becomes slow overall. This problem has existed from the beginning. Since Firefox(…)

Boomerang–Schedule Emails In Gmail

Boomerang is a Firefox/Google Chrome plugin which adds the functionality of scheduling emails in Gmail. If you are using Gmail and want to schedule emails for later, Boomerang plugin is the solution for you.

Password Protect Executables For Free: DiscoLock 1.0

A quite small utility that lets you to password protect our applications securely, it requires a password when the main executable is double clicked to run. DiscoLock can help you in the way to prevent unknown users from using your applications usually which access the internet. DiscoLock provides security at just one click to these(…)

Opera 11 Review–Download + New Features

Last time I wrote about Opera was about Opera 10.5. Opera 10.5 portable was also available for download. Now Opera 11 final is out. It has been in beta for quite some time but now the final version has been released. Opera 11 comes out with quite a few new features that will certainly help(…)

Download Latest Norton 360 Version 5.0 Free

Norton 360 is one of the better products offered by Norton. Although I had a very bad experiences with Norton in the past (especially with their antivirus and internet secutity) but I’ve heard that they’ve improved a lot. Norton 360 is one of the products that’s better. Norton 360 is an all in one security(…)

Tips To Troubleshoot Mobile Broadband & Dongles

Mobile broadband is a brilliant innovation that has opened the possibility of accessing the internet, no matter where we are. As with any other technology, mobile broadband too is not completely perfect. It has its own circle of issues relating to coverage, speed etc. While some of these cannot be fixed at the users end,(…)

Zeus Trojan And Password Stealer Detection And Removal

Zeus Trojan has been around for a few years now. It is one of the most active trojans which is in constant state of further development. The last varient of Zeus (ZBot) was found a few months back which was named version 2. Zeus Trojan steals personal information from the infected PC/system. But now a(…)

Download Online Videos

Mostly when we view online videos in certain places we think that we should be able to download this video , but at that time we usually are unable to find the proper software for this , in this article i am going to tell you about the software which download almost any type of online videos(…)

Firefox: Enable Taskbar Previews For Windows 7

My favourite feature of Taskbar previews is hidden by default in Firefox. You can enable it. I do know why this feature has been disabled by default. You need to download latest Firefox Install it,launch it. In the URL field type: about:config You may see a warning click the I’ll be careful,I promise!