Smart Virus Remover 1.43 with USB Write Protect

Smart Virus Remover now has the functionality to write protect the USB drives. Just Right the Tray icon and select Enable USB Write Protect. To Disable this function again right click and select Disable USB Write Protect

But this will be not be function on Active Drive. You need to Reinsert the usb drive to get write protection or start writing.

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USB Write Protect



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40 thoughts on “Smart Virus Remover 1.43 with USB Write Protect

  1. Jayanta

    Thank you very much for the New Folder.exe virus removal tool. It just made awake for a whole night.Now I can catch a sleep.

  2. javed Khalil

    This software has saved me many times. Sometimes regular antivirus remains unable to track down few computer corruptions like folder options disappear, you can not display hidden files or drives open in new window or registry corruptions. For such problems this tool is great. Thank you sanix. Now a days USB viruses are a major problem. Smart antivirus remover is the best choice. Thumbs up!!!

  3. adnan

    help me i want to delete autorun.inf file from my computer . how can i delete . my folder option is not working .

    your smart antivirus i try but it failed to remove the file .plzzz help me

  4. Vishal

    Hi, I have tried this application on WIn Xp PRo and my 2 Gb Pen drive which is badly affected the Virus .exe, it scans but it is not able to clean the virus. Just check it again this Application…and its cleaning function.

  5. tomi

    hi, i want to delete autorun.inf file from my laptop. how can i delete. and i need help to clean all virus for my laptop THANKYOU VERYMUCH

  6. mridul

    excellent tool

    this tool literally saved me from a definite system format. this small tool did what the highest rated antiviruses could not… it uncovered hidden files which lead to the deletion of many viruses…. amazing

  7. jessie

    Tried using your Smart Virus remover and it work. And it helped me restoring those affected by virus. However I tried write protecting my USB flash drive. Now I couldn’t remove the write protect and it renders my flash drive useless. Whenever I run Smart Virus remover ‘am getting a error pop up window. and would not launch the program. I could I remove the write protect?

  8. Jigar

    Nice tool. I liked the Pen drive write protect very much. Please let me know, How can I uninstall this utility from my PC?

  9. abdullah

    why the program is not working
    i downloaded all the versions and still not working pls help me i want the prg

  10. venkat

    hi friend.i have a 4GB pendrive.when i am trying to format the pendrive it show that disk is write protected.plz tell me how to format it.

  11. Harish


    Am using win 2003 server…

    I cant use “Restore Windows Default Settings” in this software.It shows u can use only in Win XP…

    Kindly do the needful to restore settings in win 2003 server

  12. antivirus

    it’s not can’t detect any can’t remove the .inf files

  13. darshana

    Thank a lot…. it really saved my flash drive and more importantly the data stored on it. I finally got rid of ‘write protected disk’ messege

  14. Tristan-c

    I think this smart remover tool i some sort of hack utility for hackers and it isn’t fully doing what is suppose to. Nice 😉

    Iran hackers ;> ? Nice.. Greetings from Poland !

  15. Anchal

    Hi, your suggestion helped me a lot. I could remove write protection from one pen drive. Other pen drive is not detected & shows 0 bytes free & used. although capacity is 4 GB. Can you sugest some solution for later

    Thank you

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