Some Program mostly viruses put your system to shutdown without your intension. This program gives you the chance to prevent such a shutdown. Just run the program and it will monitor any event shutdown/Restart/Standby/Hibernate/Log off called by some program. On detecting such an event it gives a chance for you to confirm that you intentionally want to shutdown your PC.

Shutdown Stopper has the following features

  • Prompt and block shutdown, restart and logoff events
  • Prompt and block standby and hibernate events (excluding Vista)
  • Log shutdown and start up events
  • Complete block shutdown without prompting
  • Issue shutdown events including force shutdown


Windows 2000/XP/2003. Works on Vista but standby/hibernation blocking and always-block not available.
Works under Windows 95/98/ME, but some applications may close before shutdown stopper blocks event.

May also work on Windows 7.





Shutdown Stopper.exe

This software can not block a forced shutdown/restart/logoff/standby/hibernate events.