Most Wanted U3 Apps

I have collected some mostly used U3 apps. In this collection I have three programs which are freeware

Foxit Reader,Firefox,OpenOffice


Foxit Reader for U3

Foxit Reader 3.0 for U3 is specifically built for the U3 drives,

Foxit Reader3.0 for U3 small package for reading pdf files. The U3 version of this program lets you to read pdf files without having the trouble to install any pdf reader. You can also download free critical add-ons, such as JPEG2000/JBIG decoders, as well as the Eastern Asian language package. Click here to learn more about critical add-ons.

Foxit Reader for U3 (3.6 MiB, 1,987 hits)

Mozilla Firefox for U3

Now enjoy the award-winning browser on U3 drives. The U3 version adds the advantage of browsing your sites with saved passwords safely on any computer. After plugging out the U3 drive the computer will have no clue of any opened site or saved passwords.


You can install addons safely on the version. The addons will remain inside your U3 drives

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Firefox for U3 (unknown, 3,403 hits)

OpenOffice for U3

image for U3 is the full-featured office suite packaged for U3 by is a full-featured office suite that’s compatible with Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Lotus and other office applications. It’s easy-to-use and feature-rich, performing nearly all of the functions you’d expect in an office suite, but at no cost.
The U3 package includes Writer(Word processor) Calc(The Spreadsheet) Impress(For Presentation) Draw(Drawing Tool) Base(The Database program)

System Requirements
– U3 smart drive
– Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP
– 230 MB free on the U3 smart drive
– 128 MB RAM (256 MB or more recommended)

– 800×600 or greater resolution with 256 or more colors

openofficeu3.exe (unknown, 2,897 hits)

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4 thoughts on “Most Wanted U3 Apps

  1. Ahmad Mushtaq

    Thanks for the excellent apps.. But I still can’t figure out that whats the difference between U3 devices and normal USB Flash disks….?

    1. Muhammad Abdullah Post author

      Mustaq,on U3 devices you can set password for usb access,Thus security will be better on u3 drives. On U3 drives you will have a complete launchpad for accessing many programs on usb via single interface

  2. Mr. IT

    Hmmm… Cool! But don’t you think that its just a minor software update and everything’s same. I think we can convert any of our USB Flash Disks into U3 devices.

  3. Holy True

    No, we can not. U3 is a hardware solution too. So you can not have U3 Launchpad on every Flash Pen.

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