ie_multiple_tabsThere are some website which I visit daily in the morning. It’s always a headache to open new tabs and type out all the web addresses daily. Opera has a very good function of saving the last open tabs automatically but the problem with it is that I want to open my default tabs every time I open my browser. Firefox gives the option of saving all the tabs to favorites and then open all the tabs using favorites menu. In Internet Explorer, there is no apparent way to save the default tabs which will automatically when opening the browser again.

I found out the Internet Explorer 7 has a built in functionality of multiple home pages. It means that like you set your home page in every browser, in Internet Explorer you can actually set multiple home pages which will open in tabs when Internet Explorer is started.

To set multiple homepages in Internet Explorer 7, go to Tools à Internet Options à General

Just keep on specifying all your pages which you want to be your home pages in new lines like the picture above. You can specify as many as you like. All the web pages will open in new tabs when Internet Explorer is started.