Most of the time the desktop PCs are located under the tables or in locations where we can’t get our hands easily. The most frequently used item from the desktop PC itself is the CD-ROM drive which has to be opened and closed by pressing the button on the CD-ROM. This is not convenient for all of us. So it is better to eject and insert the tray from within Windows. Here are a few methods that can be used to insert/eject the CD-ROM tray from within Windows easily:

Method 1: Using Command Line Tool: Eject

Eject is a small command line utility that can be used to insert and eject the CD-ROM tray from command prompt. Download the utility from below and extract all the files in your Windows directory (So that you may be able to access it from command prompt easily).
Now open command prompt from Start –> Run –> cmd.
Write  the following command to eject the CD-ROM tray:
C:\>eject D:
(Where D is your CD-ROM Drive)

If you want to insert the ejected CD-ROM tray, then issue the following command in the command prompt:
C:\>eject D: /l
(Where D is your CD-ROM Drive)


Eject (8.3 KiB, 22,372 hits)

Method 2: Using Express CD Ejector (From the status bar)

If you are not fond of using the command line utilities, you can go for this small utility. Download and install the utility from below. It will minimize itself into the status bar. If you want to eject the CD-ROM tray, just double click the icon. And if you want to insert the CD-ROM tray, just right click the status bar icon and select “Close tray”



Express CD Ejector (89.0 KiB, 30,334 hits)

Method 3: Using Emsa CD Tray Pal

This is a really cool small utility for managing your CD-ROMs eject and insert functions. This utility can take care of multiple CD-ROM drives. One more advantage of this is that hot keys can be assigned to the Insert and Eject function. So if you are a keyboard shortcut junkie, this utility is perfect for you. Download the utility from below.


Emsa CD-Tray Pal (159.0 KiB, 7,670 hits)

Method 4: Using Registry To Add “Insert” In CD-ROM Drive Context Menu

Download cdeject.dll from below and copy to C:\Windows\system32\
(Where C is the Windows drive)

CDEject.dll (39.5 KiB, 11,424 hits)

Now download the following registry key, double click it to add to your registry.

Insert Contect Item in CD-ROM Registry (435 bytes, 9,663 hits)

Right click your CD-ROM drive and enjoy the insert and eject options :-).

If you have any other ways of doing all this, please let me know. I’ll put it here.