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Adobe Flash Player 11 APK for Android
» 4.5 MiB - 2,963 hits - June 25, 2013

Little Fighter 2
» 33.4 MiB - 2,268 hits - February 17, 2012

Maxthon Portable
» 31.4 MiB - 1,048 hits - October 22, 2011

Google Chrome Portable 14.0.835.202 Stable
» 1.4 MiB - 1,479 hits - October 22, 2011

» 25.1 MiB - 785 hits - October 21, 2011

» 26.5 MiB - 1,448 hits - September 5, 2011

Firefox 5 Portable
» 14.7 MiB - 1,048 hits - June 25, 2011
Download Firefox 5 portable

» 512.7 KiB - 1,344 hits - June 25, 2011
Recover damaged archives

7Tokens Manager 1.2
» 744.8 KiB - 1,800 hits - June 15, 2011

Boot Snooze
» 493.5 KiB - 1,078 hits - May 27, 2011
Restart and then immediately hibernate or standby the PC to save starting time. More info:

158 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Irshad

    plz sir I infected with follwing viruse

    smss.exe, autorun.inf, Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe

    tell removing tools …help me

  2. awais

    thanks sir!!!
    plzzz continue to help us in removing viruses in this way ……….
    again thanksss……..

  3. Nazirul Islam

    my computer is infected with Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe, but it is not removed with AVG 7.5 there any solution?

  4. itpip2

    please help me kill “VBS/Small” virus. it has infected my flash disk. and whenever i open the drive(flash disk) a ‘Open With’ dialog box appers while no program is suitable so i still have to autoplay it. please help me.thanks:)

  5. Satya Pal

    We are facing removing the new folder.exe virus. it disables task maanger, run command and home page sets to and some adult site automatically opens up whenever internet explorer is used. Plz provide some solution to this problem.

  6. Srinivas

    thnx alot for the tool…it worked, Cheers 🙂

    @Gowtham : if u wanna a try, i hve a suggestion.

    Download Ravmon Removal Tool and run it, it will gve u options “Yes” n “No”. Select “Yes” to launch the application and then select “Restore Windows Default Settings” option, now u hve another small windows with options, select all options with which u r having problems and apply….Hope this works for u, Gud Luck Bro. 🙂

  7. glady

    hey there

    …your kind of stuff is what i’ve been lookin for for a long time. thanks a lot.keep up the good work.


  8. anup

    i am facing a problem like..i acnnot enable my show hidden file option..and when i double click on drive icon it opens in new window…….can u tell my sys is infected from which virus,and cure

  9. Hamza

    thank you for the post i used your program RavMOn remover it work perfectly. thanks

    but i discover new virus it work similar to ravmon but this one is dangerous because it change my clock has been reset to 12/Aug/2025… i see warning shut down after 15 mins .. id scanned with NOD32 .. found out it was cause of this virus called limit.exe .. it was deleted by NOD32 Antivirus and shows file deleted and it will combe back again. but stil my ctrl+alt+del doesnt work. When I enter “cmd” in the Run box, a window titled C:\Windows\system32\ opens. And since then i cant log in2 msn messenger.
    regedit not working, msconfig not working.

    the virus Limit hide it self under root C:/ Limit.exe and autorun.inf, but if you check drive c:/ you can see the virus until you change the view from folder option of the hide protected operating system file check box before you see it.

    I used to use mcafee total protection .. and one day this prob occured where i couldnt open the security centre so i uninstalled it .. n’ when i tried 2 reinstall .. it said .. installation couldnt complete because a required file failed to install. but i still has some existin folders of mcafee on ma pc .. but they dont appear in da add/remove option and the folders cnt b deleted as well . i then shifted to norton and liveupdate would work !

    please if you can help me with the info how i will remove this malicious virus

  10. sandy

    My task manager cannot be displayed because of a virus. Also the hidden files cannot be displayed. Can you suggest something. The virus is ndtech1.exe

  11. Qirat

    Hi, My system is infected with ‘winlogon.exe’ virus which disables ‘Task Manager’,’regedit’ & ‘search’ options. I can enable all these options using different scripts but after restarting the system all these options disbale again. This virus also deletes the Windows Media files such songs (MP3 Format)Movies(avi format). I’ve scanned my system many times with updated NOD32 but all in vein. The virus is still in the system.Sysinternal Process Explorer shows ‘winlogon.exe’ path as c:\windows\system32\config\winlogon.exe but when i check it in this path i cant find this folder naming winlogon.exe Plz help if anyone has such experience.

  12. madhav(india)

    My task manager cannot be displayed because of a virus. Also the hidden files cannot be displayed. Can you suggest something. The virus is ndtech1.exe

  13. premanand

    If You have internet connection then, go to website and make a online scan. it will detect and remove a lot of viruses. I got to know that Bitdefender is having the lagest antivirus database.

  14. premanand

    For Hidden file and folder not showing and drives not opening by double clicking, I had already sent two virus removal tools to the administrator of TECHNIZE. It will be available to you all in near future.

  15. Premanand

    Dear administrator,
    I already sent you two virus removal tools plz check your mail and publish them.It is a good solutions for those unable to see their hidden files and for those whose drives are not opening by double clicking.

  16. Krubuntu

    All of these are great but not always the best option as many of us cannot afford true removal. Truley free anti-virus that will catch anything that AVG can’t is Avast. Of course, it can be found at and it can clear up anything. Avg – free addition wasn’t able to get rid of one I had as it was replicating itself in the registry and when I ran AVG again, there it was so I thought of Avast since I use this in Linux and it forced a reboot and scanned during the boot to make sure all malware was taken care of. Hope this helps.

  17. Sanix

    Krubuntu, thanks alot for your analysis. I think you can write an article about Avast. We’ll be happy to publish it in your name. You can reach us at sanix[@]

  18. Waqas

    Sir i m facing problem………..
    healp me….
    my backgorund wallpaper is “Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!" with blue screen i have nod smart security….it shows that there is no spyware my machine is still infacted there is any remover to back up my pc……..plz reply me as soon as possible……..bye

  19. Waqas

    Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!" with blue screen…
    i have Nod smart security but my machine is still infacted…….there is any removal……plz help me

  20. badar

    there came a visus in my laptop saying that YOUR COMPUTER IS AFFECTED FROM SPY OR VIRUS. this message remains in the center of desktop with blue background. i,ve tried all the antiviruses but all invain.
    help me out plz

  21. asia

    when i open my computer page then wanna open each of drive
    next window of my computer is closed
    i scan with smartremover last version but then restart windows it says
    virus enables restored settings
    what can i do that problem.

  22. mhack garcia

    for those having problem with their task manager just download the smart virus remover here on technize then restore windows default setting and check all boxes.then click ok and restart if it doesn’t work just repaeat it but don’t restart..

  23. subzero

    plz i have a powerfull msn virus that keeps signing in to my email alone and keeps spreading viruses to my contacts i have tryed msnvirusremoval and clean msn messenger and other tools none of them worked i even tryed removing the virus manually ….but the thing is i cant seem to find it i even tryed using antispywares but nothing worked as well ….plz if anyone knows the solution to this problem post a reply or send to my email …

  24. shrikant

    the virus is still on my computer.i tried the new version but virus is still there piease add some more virus remover entriesat least 40-50 entries so i able to remove the virus.and please update it evry 7-8 days thanks good luck

  25. premanand

    dear SUBZERO,

    1. Sanix

      premanand, if you’re keen on helping other, you can join hands with us and you can write articles for if you’re willing. But please don’t give your personal email address for solving problems. Contact me here.

  26. Naveed

    I have a problem with my PC when its windows XP starts means desktop appears a message comes in a new small window

    “please inster disk in the drive. There is no disk in Drive A:”

    and my internet explorer window automatically appears. with title od {Day of judgment]

    Please give me opinon or any software for this virus removal.



  27. Naveed

    I need to know the trick how to hack my Fiancee email at hotmail(password) thx if u have any software let me know.

    This is urgent.


  28. yuvraj

    hello sir my computer is infected with the NOTEPAD.exe file and WINMIME.exe file this is not removed from my pc and it will affected my exe files and couurpting them will you help me
    i had tried deleting that files from taskmangers but still it is not deleting what to do now….???

  29. premanand

    Sorry Sanix for providing my personal mail ID in the website….Please delete the message submitted by me with my mail ID. I just want to share and help others what i know.

  30. Joe

    hi sir I’am currently using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 however it is about to expire because it is a trial version i downloded it here. Do you have serial number of it? pls help…

    thanks and more power…

    Joe from the Philippines

  31. ishaq mahsood

    Good guys for all virus the AntiVir is the best Antivurs. Download this antivurs and remove virus computer.
    Ishaq Mahsood

  32. Kashif

    Hi dear
    my system is infected from homevideo.avi and cress.avi virus and my avg is not removing it. do you have any solution please.

  33. MASTER

    any oone can help me to change the “staad pro2005” output liscence name..
    i crack that software. but now out put is comes with crackers name i want to change the liscence name….
    pls help me

  34. ishaq mahsood

    Ishaq mahsood
    Avira is the best antivirus for all virus and download check this antivirus.
    Good luck

  35. Chi Nguyen

    Hi buddies,
    Can any help me about w32.downaup.B virus. How can I manually remove it. Tks

  36. KK

    Hey Guys!

    Could you see if you have MS Excel 07 Password Cracking software? I could not find any on the downloads or on the softwares page.

    I would really appreciate your help on this.


  37. Muhammad Tariq Mughal

    sir i have siemens software simatic s7 professional but its not registared plz tell me creak file to rigestar this software

  38. yaqub

    this site is very nice.
    i want full version antivirus & also telugu latest & old mp3 songs download

    1. Sanix

      yaqub thanks for the compliments. Actually we’re only a technology based site. I will try to find out a telugu site which gives the latest songs and then let you know. And for full version antivirus, we keep on giving full version antiviruses as promotions from time to time. Just keep on visiting technize regularly and you’ll get one :-). If you want a good free antivirus, you can have it from here:


    KK, try these links for MS EXCEL 2007 PASWORD CKACKER/REMOVER

    For registration serials I could suggest you to download CRAAGLE
    that is a search engine for cracks and serials. Just search with it for a serial and I’m sure you wil find one!
    Also you can see >> << that’s my favourite site for keygens.
    I will upload CRAAGLE to this forum soon, (maybe 1 or 2 days) but I
    have not time for the moment. So keep visiting technize to download that great tool!

    1. Sanix

      Altin, your findings are definitely worth using. But it would be great if you can give some free alternatives rather than cracked software. I hope you understand the copyright problems that we can run into if we’re using illegal softwares 🙂

  40. wajihak

    i m using nod 32 its working well but unfortunatly today i m getting problem kindly guide sum other antivirus software link


  41. KK


    Hello sir,

    Thank you very very much! I will try your suggestions right away. And I really appreciate your help.

    Once again, thanks 🙂


  42. KK


    I thought should let you know that the Craagle links posted above to download the search engine are prompting for a password to unlock and download the zip file.

    Please advise.

    Thank You!


    Mahbub, I had the same problem 2 or 3 months ago, and I wrote a program myself to remove and fix Folder.exe virus. I have not here it for the moment because I’m not writting from my home, but I can send it to you if you send an email to
    Otherwise you can download Smart Virus Remover by Sanix, here
    Hope this will help you.

    1. Sanix

      Altin you can give your program to me so that I may publish it on Technize. Then you can give its link to anyone you like and everyone can download it from our downloads section.

  44. narinder

    i have downloaded windows media player 11 from microsoft website.but when i try to install it,it did not validate windows.i downloaded one of the link from which i can make my windows genuine .but still media player not installed.what could be the possible reason is my windows xp not genuine or some other problem.thanx in advance

  45. nitc computer


    I thought should let you know that the Craagle links posted above to download the search engine are prompting for a password to unlock and download the zip file.

    Please advise.

    Thank Y

  46. suhail

    Hi Plz Sir…..
    I m out of sprit with the virus name gphone.exe

    Plz tell me the real antidote of it…

  47. KK

    Hello Technize..

    Could you please see if you can provide me Tally 9 accounting software?

    Thank You! 🙂

    1. Sanix

      Hello KK, Tally software can be found anywhere on the web. You can google it and you’ll find many 🙂

  48. Rameez

    Dear uncle Sanix
    I am son of your cousin. Do you have Microsoft office to download from your site technize.Please inform me as soon as posible.

  49. mm

    Hey i downloaded the US hidden copier (Both versions) and when i come to install it is says ” Something was wrong,Prograncant install”…..SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!!

    i love this program i just need it to work!!

    plz any ideas…


    hello mm,
    I’w traveling now and I’m writting from my phone now (mobile internet),
    I may be away all day today, so sorry that I can’t help you right now.
    But stay quiet, becouse I will help you as soon as I can, and you will have it running soon.
    Hope in you understand and I wish you the best!

    Nice day, Altin


    pls send an email to me so i can send you
    detailed instructions and a an updated version.
    you can find my mail above in comments.

  52. Mehdi Ali

    I have downloaded the file from the website which you have provided. For he password it was showing, I am unable to find out the password from this website kindly assist, also guide how to find these kind of passwords or some other knowledge base info from this website.

  53. sanjay

    i have staad.pro2005.when i install this programe, i got the massage data error (install/ and cyclic redundancy cheak) so pls, help me how to resolve this problem.



  54. Freweyni

    i have a problem in my pc black screen I tray to remove by WGA but not remove so how to remove genuine in vista.

  55. DRITAN

    please help me to renew my norton 2009. i bought the computer with the norton inside. the expire date is after 3 days. please help me.

  56. Donna Redden

    Hi ,
    It would be great if you make it real easy to find a fix it icon on the new updates are available page as I can NOT find a simple fix for two error codes 646+ 643 as when I searched for a solution I was always offerd a fix I had to pay for? I have Vista

  57. ritesh

    I downloaded a software called “USB Hidden Copier” with the name But the problem is that after extracting the zip file, the control panel.exe is not extracted to the folder. May i know the proble please.

    Thanks & Regards

  58. ALTIN

    Ritesh, I just downloaded it ( and it it is all right.
    You can extract it also by open the archive and drag “Control Panel.exe” to a folder or desktop.
    Thanks 4 comment.