SnagIt is the best software for screen capture, editing pictures etc. Different capturing modes are available so user can select whatever best suits him. You can capture a certain area of the screen or you can capture a window or full screen. You can also capture scrolling web pages so that the whole page is captured as an image. It can also create a video of the activity on certain part of the screen.

Editing pictures is also really easy. Adding text, shapes etc is really a fun work to do.

Capture a window

Get just the window, not the stuff behind or around it.

Capture a region

Draw a box on the screen and capture whatever is inside.

Capture a tall window

Can’t fit it on the screen? Snagit auto-scrolls the window and grabs it all!

I’m using the latest version of the software but if anyone wants the software for free just follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the following link – avanquest
  2. Select the number 13 from there.
  3. Click on the button “Télécharger gratuitement”
  4. Give your email address, first name and last name.
  5. Select Continuer
  6. On the next screen, you will be provided with the Serial key of Snagit 7.
  7. Download Snagit 7 from here.
  8. Install it with the serial key you were given on the web page.

Enjoy the wonderful software for free !!