Delete folders without asking in Linux – rm

And I forgot it ………… I was about to delete a folder which had many sub folders and files. I remembered that rm was the command to do it but it was asking me about every single file if I wanted to delete that file. It was frustrating enough and then I opened up my Linux notes that I had been making throughout my studies and I found it .. yay. Here’s the magical command that deletes a folder with everything in it without prompting. But be careful, it will not ask you anything and just delete everything.

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Command: rm -rf folderpath

Example: rm-rf /home/user1/Bob

It will delete folder Bob with all its contents without prompting.

A Little Explanation:
rm = remove
-r = remove recursively
-f = forcefully remove (Don’t dare to ask anything)

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    Thanks for the tips, I am hoping that I will learn Linux someday and I wanted to have that kind of knowledge regarding operating systems.

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